Ways to Use the Grid Panel in Décor

Ways to Use the Grid Panel in Décor

The grid board had its peak in the décor a few years ago, but it is impossible to deny the versatility of the piece in the decoration. The grid-style panel works in the home office, in the kitchen, in the bedroom … And to prove that a piece as simple as this has several functions, I came to share 4 ideas for use!


Ways to Use the Grid Panel in Décor

Photo: Coco Kelley

The most common, but no less interesting, use is in offices. The piece acts as a support for photos, notes, organizational baskets … Everything goes from your imagination. It is worth going after hook models to hang baskets and place items that you always use like notebooks and pens.
Currently, you can find copper models more easily, but if you want cheaper options, just use spray paint to paint the way you want ?


Ways to Use the Grid Panel in Décor

Photos: Anzeiger and Menó Lakásom Events

I love panels in the kitchen and it is not by chance that there is even a post of this here on the site. However, the grid-style panels are the best options for more delicate utensils such as cutlery, sieves, colander … The use of the piece makes everyday life in the kitchen much easier since these items are always at hand.
Larger models, like the one in the second photo, are ideal for posting messages and even the supermarket list.


Ways to Use the Grid Panel in Décor

Photo: Furniture trail

I love vertical gardens and the wire panel is an excellent alternative for those looking to save money. Instead of investing in a wall covered with a blanket and all other items, with the grid frame just buy wall vases and attach them to the hooks on the panel.


Ways to Use the Grid Panel in Décor

Photos: Burkatron and Smart Home Ideas via Pinterest

Perhaps the most unusual way to use your memory card be like a shoemaker. This may not be the ideal solution for those who enjoy a more minimalist decor, but it breaks a branch when the problem is the lack of space. Not to mention that this is a great way to expose your favorite shoes, right?
So, do you already know how to use the piece in the composition of your decoration? I swear I was in doubt, but nothing prevents me from using a panel in every corner of the house ?

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