We robbed Domus!

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What? A Domus burglary?

And yes, when you’re addicted to decoration, we all have a dream: to rob Domus, the shopping center specializing in interior decoration. Fortunately for me, this one is located in the Parisian suburbs, in Rosny-sous-Bois. As it offers a wide choice of brands, each more attractive than the other, it is indeed difficult for me to resist such a call. So as far as it is a little far from the offices of Clem Around The Corner: it avoids being too easily tempted by an hour of shopping. If you know what I mean…

Nevertheless, this day, I did find myself there. Obviously, I had only one desire: to rob the shops one after the other. Except that, I am not a fashion blogger who would have won the Loto and who will buy 250,000 skirts per minute. I am a decoration blogger who does nothing like the others. So I didn’t just visit all the stores to buy my favorite designer items… I did a lot worse…

Accompanied by my sidekick Marie, I decided to rob Domus in the most illegal way possible in a burglary mission! Four hands, who usually tap behind their screens to present all the decoration and design news on the blog, set out to conquer the shopping center in order to pick up the bests of each of the brands.

The Domus burglary: spotting

A Domus burglary is getting ready!

We arrived at the mall with our two very innocent blond heads. In the hall, the concierge welcomes us, smiling and above all far from suspecting what he is preparing … He is at our disposal to answer all our questions and we therefore take the opportunity to discreetly develop our plan.

He offers us all the concierge services: childcare, delivery, DIY … I am tempted to entrust Marie to him, the time of my commando mission. but I think we would be more efficient together. In addition, she knows how to walk like a crab, which will be practical for stealing plants at Truffaut’s. And then you never know. If she ever sells the wick for a carambar, it might end badly for me.

Regarding the delivery offer, we consult at length. It would be so much easier to give him our loot. And suddenly to receive it once we have escaped. After 15 minutes of debate, we conclude that it is not too reasonable to call on the Domus concierge service to deliver the fruits of our theft.

The Conciergerie Domus also provides strollers. Here, could not imagine us running away thanks to this means of locomotion? Too bad Elodie lives too far away… She would have made a perfect mother. And Marie and I would each have curled up in a stroller in order to go unnoticed. But hey, we have to find another solution. Finally, we prefer to escape in a cart.

Finally, DIY does not scare us. With all DIY that we have made, a piece of furniture in kit form should not exhaust us. We therefore decline all these offers. Then, we exit the mall.

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We robbed Domus: infiltration

One thing is certain, we cannot enter through the main door. Even after putting on our burglar outfits, security guards like the janitor might be in doubt. We are thinking.

The Domus shopping center has a non-negligible advantage for getting in touch: a large slide to go from the second floor to the ground floor. We must therefore arrive from above. The solution is obvious to us. We have to enter through the roof.

I’ll spare you the infiltration techniques. They are one of those little things that we only talk about among burglars. But be sure that, as always, we have been discreet, professional and efficient. Thus, we land as planned on the second floor. A glance to the right, one to the left: no one has seen us. So we can start the Domus burglary.

In a burglary, there is no time to waste. You have to know immediately where to go. Fortunately, we had previously studied the rounds of security guards. Our course is then made according to this logic because we must avoid them at all costs. We look at our plan one last time and let’s go. The Domus heist really begins.

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The route to follow for his domus burglary

After each taking our turn on the slide, everything gets complicated very quickly. Despite our flawless preparation, we were spotted. We break up. I find a hideout between the curtains Madura, Marie dives under a bed of L’Oeil du Jour. Once the security guards have passed, we come out of our hiding place and we meet at Truffaut’s. We need a green plant for the offices of Clem Around The Corner. Once there, Marie takes care of finding the one that will make us happy and takes her on board.

We then go to Houses of the world. I must prick this blue flower vase that has been eyeing me for too long. Marie checks that no one sees us. I take the vase on board and we go to Zôdio together.

Here it is simple, we came for the dishes. We always need it for our scenographies. We do not think too much and we take everything that is on the table. An alarm goes off. I think we’ve been spotted. I jump into the cart. Marie takes the reins. Carried away by the weight of our booty, we almost hit a glass.

Security is back. We have to hide. I pretend to be a model in the L’Oeil du Jour window (where I bought my Mobitec bar stools) and Marie goes into a safe at Habitat from which she escapes shortly after. Me, I have more difficulties … I get chased, I panic. I take the escalators in the wrong direction. It is the beginning of the end. Arrived at the top, a Ligne Roset sofa holds out its arms to me. To tell the truth, I wanted to steal a Togo to replace ours. But there, I think I no longer have the strength … Le Ploum des Bouroullec brothers will largely do the trick.

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