Weck Jars

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A big trend here in Europe is Home-Canning, which translating literally would be “homemade canned” or “homemade preserves”. In fact, the method consists of preserving your preparations in vacuum-sealed glass jars with a rubber strip.
It may seem trivial, but until then I had not yet seen an equal product. Dani brought Lenote’s glass jars the other day containing her preparations for the day and I was intrigued and decided to do a little research.
The original pot is that of the German brand Weck, which created the glass jars and bottles in order to facilitate and improve the preservation of homemade preserves and breakage presents itself as an ecological alternative to the use of plastic tupplewares.
Such pots from Weck are in fact great for preserving jams, chutneys, vanilla sugar, fruit purees among others, and you can even go to the oven and microwave to bake (without the rubber). They are easy to open (just pull the rubber “tongue”) and easy to close and the rubber still won’t spoil, which reduces the risk of compromising your preparations. They are very easy to clean and the most interesting of all is that the vacuum that the pot creates makes your food to be preserved for much longer!
I loved it!

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