Wedding dresses to be inspired!

Wedding dresses to be inspired!

When we talk about a dream dress, it’s practically impossible to think of anything other than the classic white wedding dress, right? I believe that this is the most idealized piece of life for many women and, before the thousands of tests until the big day, the choice of the model is one of the most difficult moments of the whole process.

Wedding dresses to be inspired!

Photo – Bmodish | Rare Avis

Since searching for references never hurts, why not post my favorite models to inspire even more people? We have a super special project that we will do soon (soon I’ll tell you more) and I researched a lot until I found these amazing pieces!
Those who follow me on instagram (@nocedanielle) have already seen that some of them in the stories and even the sketch, but of course here on the blog, with bigger photos, it is much easier to see the details ?


Wedding dresses to be inspired!

Picture – Kiwo

I think you will notice that this boho style is very present in my research. I love outdoor weddings and I think this piece has everything to do with the style of the occasion, after all, the dress is simpler, very light and very charming
I don’t know what I like best: the neckline on the back with the lace detail or the very light long sleeves? Impossible to decide!


Wedding dresses to be inspired!

Photo – Ivory Whites Bridal Ltd

This model has a vintage touch, right? The dress is so romantic that it is difficult not to fall in love. The embroidery, mermaid modeling and short lace sleeves make the piece super special!
What I loved about this model is that, although classic, it is not “too heavy” and works in the most different styles of weddings.

Shoulder to shoulder

Wedding dresses to be inspired!

Photo – Wedding Inspiration | Dig Karten

Another delicate and fluid model for the list. I think I noticed that I like very light skirts, right? I loved this tulle that discreetly shows the lace underneath and the top shoulder to shoulder makes the dress even more romantic.


Wedding dresses to be inspired!

Photo – Wedding Inspiration | Berta

Despite the sexiest and most daring modeling, I couldn’t leave this dress out of the selection. The neckline on the back is wonderful, but what I liked most about this model was the effect of the flower applications.

More brightness

Wedding dresses to be inspired!

Photo – Wedding inspiration | Julie Vino

This is for those who thought I didn’t like sparkle! It is obvious that a more luxurious and structured model would not be lacking. The embroidered neckline and the most bulky skirt have this “night” feel, but nothing heavy ?
So, do you already have a favorite? I’m already dying to see if it’s the same as mine!

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