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While dieting you should keep an eye on your weight and weighing yourself regularly is part of the routine. Researchers have now figured out the best day for it.

Your weight is subject to constant fluctuations during a diet. Even so, you should weigh yourself regularly. Researchers have now gathered some surprising findings on the subject of “correct weighing”.

How often and when should you weigh yourself?

The researchers at Tampere University of Technology in Finland have published a study on the subject of correct weighing in the online journal “Plos One”. According to this, regular weighing has an influence on the weight gain or weight loss of the subjects.

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The scientists had taken a total of 2,838 weight measurements on 40 overweight subjects, all with a BMI of 25 and higher. They found that weight loss was closely linked to how often the test subjects weighed themselves. Elina Helander, an author of the study, told Cornell University’s Food Brand Lab: “The more you weigh yourself, the more weight you lose.”

The direct relationship between weight loss and frequency of weighing has not yet been proven, as this is a purely observational study. But it is conceivable that people who are serious about their diet weigh themselves more often than people who are not so strict about a diet, Helander continues.

The researchers concluded that to lose weight, you should weigh yourself at least once a week. Otherwise there is a risk of weight gain again. The best thing to do, however, is to weigh yourself every day while dieting, as this will keep you on track until you have reached your desired weight.

By the way: If you want to weigh yourself correctly, you should avoid these five mistakes when measuring weight.

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Goodbye weight fluctuations!
Weighing correctly: these are the five most common mistakes

Stepping on the scales can quickly lead to frustration. Because sometimes you have two kilos more, the next day three kilos less. These fluctuations are often only due to the wrong weighing.

Wednesday is the best day for weighing

In a previous study, Elina Helander’s scientists had already found that the weight of the test subjects always fluctuated slightly within a week and that most people always weigh themselves on Wednesdays. Brian Wansink, director of the Food and Brand Lab, also says you should weigh yourself every day to lose weight.

However, if you are one of those people who weigh yourself only once a week, then please also on a Wednesday. Because weighing on Wednesday brings the most accurate results, because the scales then most accurately display the average weight that arises due to the weight fluctuation.

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