Weight loss study reveals: this eating habit can lead to obesity

Weight loss study reveals: this eating habit can lead to obesity

A study with 60,000 people shows that eating quickly is one of the causes of obesity. Evening eating habits also have a major influence on this.

A large Japanese study from Kyushu University in Fukuoka examined the influence of eating speed on weight. The researchers Yumi Hurst and Haruhisa Fukuda evaluated the data of 60,000 men and women over 40 years of age, who gave information about their eating habits.

Almost 33,500 participants said their eating speed was normal, and just over 22,000 participants rated themselves as fast eaters. Fewer than 4,200 respondents said they ate slowly.

Eating right protects against fatness

According to the study, eating habits and eating speed are major causes of obesity. The majority of those who described themselves as slow eaters had a BMI and waist circumference in the normal range. So take your time and enjoy your meals!

However, the researchers limit the fact that the information on eating speed was based on the self-assessment of the participants and is therefore not objective. In addition, the participants probably belonged to a more health-conscious group, as they would have participated in the program voluntarily.

Eating right means eating slowly

In their study, the scientists found that normal eaters had a 29 percent reduced chance of developing abnormal obesity. Participants who eat slowly even had a 42 percent lower risk of obesity. The research showed that lowering the speed of eating can help reduce body weight.

Seeing eating speed as a cause of obesity probably has another , according to researchers: The hasty like to eat beyond hunger. If you gobble down your meal, you simply won’t feel when you’re full.

The result: You are consuming more calories than you need. If you take your time, you will notice when you have had enough. Eating right is therefore also a question of speed and is related to weight.



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Other causes of obesity

According to the Japanese study, there are even more connections between obesity and eating behavior:

Do you nibble on sweet or salty snacks in front of the TV after dinner or do you generally only eat before bed, then these are other causes of obesity. With your eating behavior you can therefore have a major impact on your health. Keep the following in mind:

The study data basically only confirms what nutritionists have long recommended. The German Nutrition Society points out in its “Ten Rules for a Wholesome Diet” to eat slowly and consciously.

This promotes enjoyment and a feeling of satiety, as the latter is triggered by the stretching of the stomach while eating. But your head also eats. If you chew more and more slowly, you perceive the taste longer. This will make you feel more like eating at all.

Eating right for your health

Obesity is the cause of a number of diseases. Fat people are at increased risk of heart attack, heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes. For this reason alone, it is worthwhile to find out the causes of obesity and to check your eating habits. In this way you take care of yourself and your health in the long term.

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