Weight loss success 22 kilos in 18 months – that’s how Elisa did it

Weight loss success 22 kilos in 18 months - that's how Elisa did it

“There are always miracles” – this may apply in the colorful world of pop hits, but not when it comes to losing weight. Because even if Elisa Montag’s weight loss success may seem miraculous, there is another secret behind the total transformation of the Berliner – and that is not at all supernatural. The 27-year-old reveals in an interview with Marians Welt how she managed to lose 22 kilos in just under one and a half years.

Elisa Montag is an attractive young woman. The now 27-year-old was never really happy with her reflection in the mirror. “I’ve suffered from asthma since I was seven and have to take cortisone,” she tells Marians Welt. The side effects of the drug, combined with a lack of exercise and a passion for sweets, resulted in the Berlin woman’s scales reading 87 kilos at a height of 1.69 meters in early 2015.

“That was the wake-up call that I have to change something – permanently,” recalls the trainee. She had tried to lose weight many times. “I’ve tried all sorts of things, from radical diets to supposed miracle shakes. I also completely avoided sweets for a whole month. I was also registered in the fitness studio for years, but I never went, “she says and admits,” the result was always the same: My mood was in the basement, I couldn’t see any real success, my willpower was waning from day to day Day and at the end I ate more and weighed more than before the diet. “

She adapted her diet to suit her life

This time everything should be different. “I approached my weight loss program bit by bit. I took particular care to eat a balanced diet and never left out entire food groups, such as carbohydrates. If it suited my daily routine, I would replace a meal with a shake or not eat a Nutella roll for breakfast, but a healthy muesli that fills you up longer. I adapted the diet to my life, not the other way around, ”she explains.

The most decisive difference was made by a discovery that Elisa came to through a friend: yoga. “For the first time in my life I realized that sport can also be fun. At first I trained twice a week, now almost every day, ”Elisa reveals. The trainee cannot afford expensive yoga lessons, so she rolls out the mat at home. “I switch between different DVDs. The programs vary from 30 to 120 minutes. I mix it up depending on the time, mood and mood, ”explains Elisa and enthuses:“ Yoga is great. It gives me so much more than just exercise. “

Elisa herself would not have thought it possible that she would speak so euphorically about fitness training. But not only has her attitude changed, her body has also changed. In just under a year and a half, she lost 22 kilos and not only reached her dream weight of 65 kilos, but also maintained it. Instead of dress size 44, she now wears 36/38. “Since I’ve also built muscle, of course, it’s now two or three kilos more. But I no longer pay any attention to the number on the scales. It is important to me that my clothes fit. If there is a pinch somewhere, I know that I have to be careful and then everything will fit again very quickly. “

Don’t lose joy in life

Elisa is currently in just such a phase. “We just got back from vacation. Of course there was a little bit of holiday fat left, ”she admits. Because one thing is very important to her and the biggest secret behind her long-term weight loss success: She does not forbid anything.

“When we go out to eat, I certainly don’t just order a salad, and when there’s cake on the weekend, I don’t just watch the others eat either. The most important thing is that you don’t lose the joy of life when you change your diet, then you hold on, “she knows.

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And everyone can see that it persists. On her Instagram account, Elisa can be admired with a six-pack that will make some fitness models green with envy.

“I consciously have a public account because I am very proud of what I have achieved. Of course, the encouragement and likes of the users also inspire me, ”she says. However, Elisa gets the best compliments from her boyfriend. “Of course he’s proud of me. But we’ve been together for seven years. So he already loved me when I couldn’t even really do it myself, “she says, emphasizing,” I didn’t lose weight for him or to conform to any ideal of beauty. I only did it for myself. ”

This is probably one of the reasons why the 27-year-old is not afraid of haters online. “I rarely get bad news or comments. And if I do, I don’t care. I have to feel good – and I do. ”That cannot be overlooked.

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