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As a teenager, New Zealander Ariana Omipi was morbidly overweight. But then she managed to lose weight by changing her diet – until the kilos came back.

Losing weight is difficult, but maintaining the weight is even more difficult. Ariana Omipi also had to experience this. The New Zealander has successfully lost over 50 kilos – and quickly regained it. Even in her youth she had a disturbed relationship with food. For example, if she ate a serving of chicken breast, the chicken weighed easily 300 to 400 grams. The average portion size is 150 grams. As a result, the excessive eating made her very overweight.

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The first diet: lose weight by changing your diet

According to the online newspaper “dailymail.co.uk”, Ariana decided to change her diet and lose weight at the age of 19. She decided to go on a low-carb diet to combat her excessive weight.

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She also started a fitness program. With success, because she lost 50 kilos through exercise and dieting in six months, followed by another eight in the following five months.

However, exercise and a change in diet were obviously not a permanent solution for Ariana’s body because they at the age of 24 not only had the slimmed-down 58 kilos back on his hips, but also put an extra ten kilos on the scales.

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The second diet: Lose weight with gastric sleeve surgery

After Ariana lost control of her eating habits one more time and was now more than her initial weight back on her hips, another solution had to be found. In order to lose weight and maintain the weight permanently, she decided to take a drastic step.

The solution was a so-called gastric sleeve surgery, also known as stomach reduction. According to a report by the online portal “Gesundheitsinformationen.de”, the stomach is surgically reduced in size during a sleeve stomach operation. This then reduces its capacity.

It turned out that sleeve stomach surgery was just the right way for Ariana to lose weight. 90 percent of her stomach was permanently removed and she then managed to lose 58 kilos again – for the second time in her life. What an achievement!

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