Weight loss tips Finally healthy: Eat better – shop more consciously

Weight loss tips Finally healthy: Eat better - shop more consciously

6 good resolutions for more conscious eating – this is how you can eat healthier, cook more sustainably and shop more environmentally friendly. With a feel-good effect!

“Eat healthier!” Is regularly at the top of the wish list for the new year. Flanked by the insight that one should be more conscious not only with one’s own body, but also with the environment. But doesn’t such a sustainable lifestyle mainly mean doing without and a bunch of prohibitions that put you in a bad mood? No. First and foremost, it means a plus in quality of life, enjoyment and style. There’s also a clear conscience as a reward.

1. Shopping plastic-free

If you want to avoid garbage, you only go shopping with your own basket or cloth bag. And leaves vegetables and fruit wrapped in plastic anyway and prefers to get the vitamin bombs in the organic supermarket, at the weekly market or at the fruit and vegetable stand. Milk, cream, yoghurt and juices are better bought in a deposit jar. In so-called unpackaged shops, of which there are more and more at least in larger cities, you can also get pasta, rice, lentils, muesli and chocolate in bulk. You simply fill it into your own storage jar.

2. Regional and seasonal

Not everything that is healthy is good for the environment. If you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, regularly fish (from controlled catch) and only a little meat (preferably organic) and whole grain products, you are doing a lot right. But: raspberries in winter, mango, pineapple and anything else that has had a long journey behind it is questionable in terms of the ecological balance. Likewise frozen products that need to be frozen and kept cool with a high expenditure of energy. The avocado, which is currently so hyped, is also getting off badly in terms of carbon footprint. Apart from the long transport routes, their cultivation uses huge amounts of water.

3. Everything freshly made

With a little imagination, you can also prepare burgers, fries & Co. in the power food variant. Then the burger is an eco-wholemeal bun, plus patti made from organic beef tartare, honey tomatoes – and instead of analogue cheese, you use fine old Gouda.

4. Eat out instead of having it delivered

Whether pizza, pasta or sushi, when it comes to food from the delivery service, one thing remains above all else: lots of packaging waste. If you don’t have the time or inclination to stand at the stove yourself, you should go out to eat.

5. Ban plastic

Of course, it doesn’t make sense to throw away all plastic kitchen utensils (such as bowls, spoons, dough scrapers, sieves, cutting boards, etc.) and replace them with products made of stainless steel or bamboo in one quick action. With a new purchase, however, it does. Looks a lot nicer too!

6. Filter the coffee

Nutrition experts now agree: Coffee in moderation is not harmful, and probably even extends life. But: The ecological balance of coffee is not exemplary anyway and the coffee capsules – especially if they are not properly recycled – go one better. So better: filter coffee the traditional way – and bring your own thermo mug to the coffee shop.

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