Weight Loss Tips How to Burn Hundreds of Calories on the Side

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You don’t have time for exercise and still want to burn calories? Nothing easier than that. With a few simple exercises, you can burn up to 100 calories in everyday life.

1. Losing weight in everyday life: laughing

Laughing is fun, pleasing to the soul and even burns calories. So what could be more natural than going through the day with a little humor and losing weight at the same time. Laughing for 20 minutes burns about 100 calories.

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2. Losing weight in everyday life: climbing stairs

Climbing stairs is exhausting, but also extremely effective. Replace the elevator with the stairs and you’ll just lose weight. 15 minutes of climbing stairs burns up to 160 calories. Do you live on the fifth floor or even work on the eleventh floor? Ideal conditions to lose a few pounds on the side.

3. Lose weight in everyday life: tidy up and clean

There is a lot to do around the house. You can use this to easily burn calories. For example, you will burn 100 calories for 30 minutes of window cleaning. 30 minutes of floor cleaning costs 90 calories and 30 minutes floor cleaning costs 95 calories.

Here is a list of which cleaning activities burn how many calories.

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That’s how many calories you burn by cleaning

A healthy life requires sufficient exercise, that is clear to everyone. But not everyone has time to do a lot of sport. But you can also burn calories easily while cleaning. We’ll show you how many there are.

4. Losing weight in everyday life: going for a walk

Going for a walk is the classic and yet we often take the car because we are simply too comfortable and lazy. Just leave the latter standing more often in the future and walk to work, to the supermarket or to an appointment with your best friend.

Alternatively, make a specific goal every day to go for a walk for at least half an hour. A rethinking is certainly required, but in the long run your health will benefit from it. Walking for half an hour uses 100 calories.

5. Losing weight in everyday life: dancing

If you go to the disco on the weekend, you can look forward to some lost calories. But even if you don’t like to rock out, you can lose a lot of calories by dancing. A quarter of an hour of Zumba in the gym burns about 100 calories.

Don’t you go to the gym? No problem! Alternatively, just turn up the music at home and swing your hips. But be careful: a little rocking and swaying is not enough. Here, full physical effort is required so that the calories tumble.

Burn calories: possible even with little time

The excuse “No time!” No longer applies. As you can see, it is possible to lose weight and burn calories in everyday life without spending a lot of time. Just imagine what your daily routine looks like.

Then think about which activities you are already using effectively to burn calories or whether you can modify them so that they will help you burn calories in the future. These little everyday exercises already help to get rid of excess pounds. If you combine it with a change in diet or a more conscious diet, the effect will be even more intense.

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