Weight Loss Tips These yoga exercises help against belly fat

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If you only think of sitting exercises with “ohms” when you think of yoga, you are on the wrong track. Because the relaxed movements can help you attack your problem area. With special training, you can lose calories and get a flat stomach.

Yoga is a philosophical teaching originating from India that combines physical and mental exercises. It helps to relax mentally and to stretch and stretch. But we will show you exercises with which you can also lose your belly fat.

How Can Yoga Help Lose Belly Fat?

In yoga there are certain breathing exercises that help to strengthen certain body parts and muscle regions. In addition, the training boosts fat burning and thus also ensures a flat stomach. The special exercises are called asanas in yoga. These are predominantly calm postures that optimize well-being, balance and stability.

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You can lose belly fat with these 3 yoga poses

1. Weight Loss Yoga Exercise: The Arch

“Dhanurasana” is the original name of this exercise. Arm and upper back muscles in particular are trained in this body position. In addition, the thigh muscles are strengthened. But the focus here is on the stomach.

That’s how it works:

  • Your stomach is on the floor and you are looking ahead.

  • Your hands reach back overhead and grip your ankles. This puts the body in a kind of rocking position.

  • The chest arch is in optimal stretch during this exercise.

2. Weight Loss Yoga Exercise: The Cobra

According to the Indian teaching, this exercise is called “Bhujangasana”. Since the posture is reminiscent of a snake, it is also called “cobra”. This yoga exercise strengthens the back and shoulder muscles and also strengthens the abdominal muscles. You have to be careful not to overstretch yourself.

That’s how it works:

  • You lie on your stomach with the backs of your feet on the floor.

  • Keep your legs and hips on the floor.

  • Now support yourself with your hands and straighten your arms so that your upper body is supported by your palms.

3. Weight Loss Yoga Exercise: The Side Plank

The side plank is called “Vasisthasana” in Indian teaching. This yoga workout requires a great deal of strength and balance. This strengthens your arm, back, thigh and abdominal muscles. It also sharpens your sense of balance.

That’s how it works:

  • Lie down on your side and support your body on the outstretched arm.

  • The outer edge of the lower foot is on the ground. The other leg and foot rest on it.

  • The free arm now extends upwards, whereby the spine must remain straight.

  • The gaze is directed towards the supporting or the raised arm.

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