Weight VIPs also have weight problems: Stars and their BMI
Weight vips also have weight problems stars and their bmi

Weight VIPs also have weight problems: Stars and their BMI

One of the most feared abbreviations in a woman’s life is “BMI”. The body mass index should be between 20 and 25. The stars’ values ​​are said to be mostly below this scale: Jennifer Aniston allegedly has a BMI of 17.7, Kate Moss of 16.4 and Laetizia Casta of 19.9. Mischa Barton, who obviously looks like a normal woman, is refreshing her BMI is struggling.

The BMI – what does it really say?

According to Dr. Harald Schneider, endocrinologist and body weight researcher at the Clinic of the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, the body mass index (BMI) has long been out of date and a “bad” value over 25 according to BMI standards is not an immediate reason for a crash diet. The expert explained in the “Apotheken Umschau” that the type of calculation only ever correlates weight and height – and not the other, more important criteria of water retention, fat or the percentage of muscle in the body. Not to mention illnesses or other reasons, which is why a value can be higher.

When is it time to lose weight?

Ideal weight, stars and BMI – all of this drives women every spring, if not all year round, to the major weight loss project. Mischa Barton also struggles with the yo-yo effect and a strongly variable BMI. Nobody should be doggedly about losing weight, after all, every body is unique. Different BMI values ​​can arise even with the same height. Much better, according to Dr. Schneider is the “waist-to-hip” calculator anyway. The WTH value takes into account what we see optically: the relationship between our waist and height. The delicate Mischa Barton with her slim waist will certainly be happy about it. For the calculation, divide the waist circumference by the height (both values ​​in centimeters). A result of 0.5 would be ideal here. What would the values ​​of famous women be like here? But what is the ideal weight? It is more important that the proportions of water, fat and muscle in your body are in good proportion. And more importantly, you feel comfortable in your body. Because that’s what you see in Mischa Barton’s latest photos: A satisfaction that shows in a great charisma. And that really can’t be calculated from like a BMI.

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