West coast road trip

West coast road trip


Photo – instagram urban outfitters san diego (@uosandiego)

When we talk about travel, all planning is little. In times of crisis a solution is to bet on Road Trips, that is, get the car and throw yourself on the roads around the world! I know a lot of people who are adept at this model, especially when traveling around the United States!

Picture – Glass Duffle

In the USA, besides the roads being great, there are some with lovely landscapes! There is no better thing than making your itinerary, your way and still being able to adapt the details at the last minute – after all, you won’t have to worry about flights!

Photo – Popcorn with Salto

One of the routes I most want to do is on the American West Coast. Of course in the summer – spring at the most! California is the perfect place for a trip with friends and even the whole family. Everything is very beautiful, from the roads to the museums.
Imagine just driving on the roads that border the Pacific and visiting small towns full of charm? Of course, big cities are also a must: San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles cannot be left out – I would even say that Las Vegas is almost indispensable!
People strolling on the sandy beach on the Pacific Ocean coast in Carmel, California, near Monterey

Picture – Rand Macnally

Other cities that cannot be missed in the itinerary are: Carmel (very close to SF), Monterey, Santa Barbara, Anaheim…

Foto – Tuxyso (17 miles by car)

In addition to the charm of each of these places, the landscapes on the road are breathtaking, either on the Pacific Highway or on the enchanting 17-Mile Drive, just outside San Francisco. Believe me, allow more time for this second road, because you will want to stop at all times to enjoy the view and take some pictures!

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