What are the best Easter eggs of 2019?

What are the best Easter eggs of 2019?

Left to buy the easter gifts last hour? Rest assured! We have tasted the main chocolate eggs of 2019 and we will tell you how we perceive each one. Curious? So, let’s go to the evaluations ?
What are the best Easter eggs of 2019?

Kinder egg

There is nothing more classic for children than the kinder egg. Since it has an oval shape, the paschal option of the candy is nothing more than the same chocolate, but in a larger size. The value of the egg is not so interesting, so only buy it if you believe that the little one makes a point of getting a bigger dessert instead of several small ones.
TOAST: surprise toy.

Milk Chocolate bonbon

THE Waltz Dream egg it’s like a giant version of the bonbon, but without the traditional creamy filling we know. In this case, the chocolate cone has the inside covered with a layer of peanut butter. The taste is the same as the classic version of the waltz dream, so it’s worth it for anyone who is a fan of the bonbon.
TOAST: two candies.

Black Diamond

Following the same line as the other classic eggs, the Black Diamond egg it has the same flavor as the bar. The differential, therefore, is only in the oval and more crunchy shape. The price is also not very attractive, since it is around 30 reais. Taking this into account, the bars are more cost-effective.
TOAST: two mini eggs with black diamond chocolate.



Seeking to innovate in packaging, Nestlé launched a special edition of Alpine. The packaging is made of metal and serves as a small container to store what you prefer. The egg is not very big and the alpine flavor is not as strong as the bar, but it is still tasty.
TOAST: none, unless the packaging tells you!


THE Boy bet on the celebration of the brand’s 90th anniversary. However, the packaging is huge and the egg is quite small compared to it. Another problem related to chocolate is related to the cone – super thin. Despite this, the taste is quite interesting, as it combines the classic dark chocolate with white chocolate and passion fruit.
TOAST: none :/

Ferrero Rocher

Also looking for a difference in presentation, the Ferrero Rocher launched an egg line sold in paper boxes. Even though it is bigger than the egg, the packaging is just as valid as that of the Alpine, for example. The egg has the same flavor as the bonbon, but without the creamy part, just like the waltz dream. Either way, it is worth buying one and giving it to someone.
TOAST: three candies.

Dinda Marshmallow (Brasil Cacau Chocolates)

Starting with the packaging: cute and with a gift face. From the box, we have the impression that the egg is super stuffed with Marshmallow. However, the filling is not as neat as promised. In addition, the candy has an unpleasant egg smell. Chocolate is good, but it is nothing special.
TOAST: none :/

Masterchef – Pão de Mel (Cacau Show)

We don’t know for sure what unites Masterchef and gingerbread, but the packaging sells and looks promising. The egg is very heavy, since the filling is neat. Having chocolate and dulce de leche, the taste ends up being quite sweet. The positive side of that? Yield more! It’s a great gift ?
TOAST: none :/

Kopenhagen 4 Classics

Similar to a matrioska, the grace of this Easter special is the four main brand eggs one inside the other – and in a charming can. The first and largest is the cat tongue. The middle one is divided in two, half of which is made of tiles and the other of pellets. Last but not least, the nha benta. The flavors are great and the fillings are well proportioned. The value is high, but it is a good gift.
TOAST: four eggs is enough, isn’t it?


What are the best Easter eggs of 2019?

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