What does a professional chocolate taster do?

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What does a professional chocolate taster do?
Spend hours tasting different chocolates, candies and cookies. Does the idea sound good enough to you? This is one of the tasks that a “professional experimenter” needs to perform in order to work in Mondelez, the company responsible for famous Oreo cookies.
Although work seems like a paradise for those who can’t spend the day without a sweetie, not everything is a sea of ​​melted chocolate with crispy pieces of salted caramel.
What does a professional chocolate taster do?Source: Getty Images
Testing takes place in booths that control air pressure to quickly dispel the aroma of chocolates. Aspirants to the official job receive the chocolate samples in plastic cups delivered through a small opening in the cabin and, between the 20 rounds of proof (ie, 20 different chocolates every time!), they need to wait for two minutes. Meanwhile, they cleanse the palate with cream crackers and water.
The reports must be scientific; no expressions like “Tasty”, “Too bitter” or “Caramelized”. Mondelez professionals prefer that the taster cites the specific characteristics that make up the caramel.
Do you think you could face the challenge?
Source: New York Times / Cover photo: Coffee, Tea and Simpathy

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