What does a tea sommelier do?

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Everyone has heard of wine sommelierbut you know what makes a tea sommelier?
The wine sommelier thoroughly researches all regions and wines of France, Italy, Chile etc. The tea sommelier tea producing regions in China, India, Japan and many other Asian countries.
Ordering a red wine from a wine sommelier is as vague as asking a green tea sommelier for green tea. There are so many types of red wine and so many types of green tea that sommeliers know well. Each wine is unique in its characteristics. Each tea is unique in its taste and aroma.
sommelier-cha-saveursvegetales-ickfdSource: Saveurs Végétales – Top photo: Style me Pretty
The wine sommelier uses the senses to assess the quality of the wine, and to harmonize different labels with recipes for savory and sweet dishes. The tea sommelier also does the sensory analysis of the tea: it analyzes the dry leaves, the moist leaves – after the infusion – and the tea itself, known as tea liqueur. In addition to tasting pure tea, it is also possible to harmonize foods with tea, for those who prefer an alcohol-free option.
The wine sommelier chooses different glasses to serve different wines. The tea sommelier chooses between crockery and teapots of different materials.
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The wine service has rules and order for each action. In the world of teas, different countries, such as Japan, China and South Korea, have tea ceremonies, in which there is a sequence and an explanation for each action in the preparation of tea.
Just like restaurants hire wine sommeliers to set up a wine menu, the tea sommelier is sought to assemble tea cards.
sommelier-cha-pretend-ickfdChinese Kung Fu TeaSources: Pre-tend, Odyssey Traveler
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