What Every Single Zodiac Sign Should Embrace In 2020

With 2020 kicking in, a lot is being predicted about what the new decade has in store for us. Zodiac signs have always been a driving force for people who want to plan into the future and for people who want to know what is in store for them so they can be prepared. It is common knowledge that zodiac signs do not distinctively predict the future but give us an idea of how we can steer our lives in the right direction with the knowledge of our strengths and weaknesses.

There are 12 zodiac signs identified in Astrology. Based on the position of the moon, sun, and planets, each zodiac sign gives us an idea of the behavioral patterns, desires, and attitude towards our external and internal environment. The zodiac signs are aligned with the four elements of matter – air, water, wind, and earth, and different energies are derived from them to help us exercise our potential and positivity. Each zodiac sign is unique and makes for an exclusive personality in people. Let’s dive into what our birth signs say about this year and the array of possibilities it holds for us.

1. Aries



Being the first of the zodiac signs, Aries babies are known as trailblazers. They are passionate and independent. They have a fierce attitude towards life and are very competitive by nature. As an Aries, individuals find it difficult to express themselves frankly without coming off as rude. They are often misunderstood to be impolite and can tend to close off. This year, Aries should embrace their true feelings and allow themselves to express their emotions.

2. Taurus



Taurus personalities make the most amazing and trustworthy friends. They value honesty and willpower. These individuals are smart and ambitious. They are extremely hard-working and tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves. They are quite hard on themselves when things do not go their way and forget to love themselves through their failures. 2020 will be a fruitful year if they accept their failures and stop punishing themselves through it. Instead, they should learn from it and keep moving forward.

3. Gemini



Gemini is known as the chameleon of the zodiac signs. They have two different sides that they present to the world. They are dynamic individuals and can fit into any circle of people based on the vibe they perceive. They are skilled communicators and are known to be diplomatic by nature. This year, they should embrace their differences instead of trying to fit in with the crowd. It is important that they be their true, authentic self rather than change according to their external environment.

4. Cancer



Known to be practical, Cancer babies are intuitive and emotional. They are selective about who they let into their life but once they do, they stick with you for life. Most Cancers hate small talk and big social gatherings. They are known as the emotional hearts of the zodiac signs and teach us a lot about love. This year, they should learn to be more spontaneous and to not plan out everything to the tee.

5. Leo



Leos are intelligent and courageous. They have warm personalities and have high self-esteem. They are usually extroverts and love being in the limelight. They set high standards for themselves and are trying to better themselves constantly. They are their hardest critiques and live to challenge themselves. This year, they should accept themselves instead of trying to change who they are to fit the bar they’ve set for themselves.

6. Virgo



Kind, attractive, and sophisticated, Virgos are incredible at looking at the bigger picture of life. They make amazing friends and are great at giving advice. Virgos demand perfection from themselves and tend to project this on other people as well. One of the most passionate of the zodiac signs, they might seem shy at first but once they let you into their life, the value and appreciation they have for you know no bounds. Trust must be earned with a Virgo. They are hard workers and like to get things done correctly. The biggest advice for Virgos this year is to embrace the present and live every moment.

7. Libra



The best and worst quality of a Libran is that they put others before themselves. This selfless nature makes them an easy target to be taken for granted. They value loyalty and harmony and are good at compromises. They are always trying to make everyone happy but often feel unfulfilled. The year 2020 encourages them to embrace their loving childishness and seek happiness in its most innocent form.

8. Scorpio



Carefree and intelligent, Scorpios are not afraid to be who they are. They value authenticity and are packed with enthusiasm for life. Scorpions might seem shy or closed off to people who do not know them but once they come out of their shell, they make the most loyal persons. During 2020, they must learn to appreciate their roots and be proud of the people who’ve made them what they are today.

9. Sagittarius



Generous and truthful, Sagittarius personalities like to explore their minds through a good book or movie. They are creative thinkers and have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. As hard-workers, they tend to get caught up in their work and forget to take care of themselves. This year, they must watch their health and take care of their bodies.

10. Capricorn



Capricorn babies are smart and like to be in control of their destiny. They make sincere friends. They might seem stubborn but they simply know what they want and are sure about it. They have a solid sense of self and tend to be overly self-critical. Embracing their flaws and falling in love with themselves will change the way they look at life this 2020.

11. Aquarius



Smart and ambitious, Aquarius believe that change is the only constant. They are idealistic individuals who have a vision for the kind of life they want to live. They can be hard to comprehend because of how intellectual they are. 2020 will be a successful year for Aquarius if they chase their dreams instead of waiting for the ideal time.

12. Pisces



Pisces are strong intuitive individuals. They have an innate admiration for the human mind. They are sensitive and trust their gut feeling more than anything. They are usually set in their ways and tend to get comfortable with a certain way of life. Pisces do not like to take risks but this year will be a successful one if they embrace change and break away from their typical routine.

By exploring our potential while acknowledging our limitations, we can rise above mediocre lives to make 2020 fulfilling. These predictions are guidelines that we can refer to while chasing after the life we want for ourselves. Focusing on our strengths and embracing our weaknesses allow us to exercise our potential to the best of our abilities. What are you excited about this new decade? Let us know in the comments below.

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