What is Astral Hell?

What is Astral Hell?

By Luisa Nucada do @ nux.astrology

Surely you’ve heard someone, about to celebrate, complaining that the astral hell is bone. Then he learned that this term refers to the month before the birthday, in which unlucky supposedly haunts more often. And then it started to associate any bad mood or toe-toe with such a diabolical period.

What is Astral Hell?

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But what the hell is Astral Hell? If you ask me if it exists I will say no. There is not much astrological foundation or record in the literature to support such a pejorative term. It became popular in the 20th century, and this is yesterday in the history of Astrology – ancient, ancestral knowledge, accumulated over millennia.

“Ah, but I feel, yes, a melancholy hits me, things go wrong …”, you can reply. Super understandable, I would say, because every cycle closure is critical. On the anniversary, the Sun of our birth chart returns to the point of origin after passing through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. This return or solar revolution marks the end of a zodiacal revolution and the beginning of another.

Finishing and starting over is dramatic. Think about quitting a job and looking for a new one, ending a relationship, moving house. Although the change is desired, involves getting out of the routine, resolving issues, bureaucracy and insecurity in the face of the unknown. Submissions are symbolic deaths, require strength psychic to be reborn. Other “infernal” closures: the end of the menstrual cycle, marked by TPM. The end of the year, when we realize that “then it’s Christmas, and what do you did?”.


I already got sick on the eve of some birthdays, sorry that my body got it not to be forced to celebrate. I don’t like to party, I find it hard to invite people, I don’t know how to deal with friends who are boring, responsible for entertaining, paying attention, making room … Do you see my demons? Scared of rejection, fear of failure which is throwing a flopped party, an exacerbated sense of responsibility.

What is Astral Hell?

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In “astral hell” the demons do leave, but this has less to do with Astrology and more with the natural anxieties of periods of completion. It is clear that it is comforting to find heavenly answers, not for nothing friends and customers are always asking me “what is in Heaven” when something weird happens to them.

Looking for astrological justifications for everything is a kind of escape from the internal imps, from the discomfort revealed in times of crisis.

No foundation at all?

OK, since you insist, what is astrological about this story is a tone of Casa 12. I explain: every time we have a birthday, we can generate a map, called rsolar evolution. This chart (and any other astrological chart) is divided into 12 sectors: the astrological houses.

In the last month of that cycle, that is, 30 days before the next anniversary, an activation of the twelfth house occurs. Casa 12 is about submissions, prisons, mental health, the feeling of confinement, and the gestational period, one in which the baby is “trapped” in the mother’s womb.

What is Astral Hell?

Photograph: Anastasia Dulgier via Unsplash

Neuras, existential questions, sensations of captivity and low vitality are

characteristic of Casa 12, and any end of cycle. Is that enough to say that astral hell exists? No. Unless you want it to exist, and you are feeding bad luck with negative energy. Then hell is done.

Luisa Nucada is a journalist and astrologer at Nux Astrologia. Write daily horoscopes on your Instagram profile: @ nux.astrologia.

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