What is the best type of makeup remover?

What is the best type of makeup remover?

Currently, there are many beauty product options. Make ups. products for skin care and treatment have never been so high and it is clear that with this the number of makeup remover options on the market has increased a lot.
You may not have found a perfect alternative for your skin, but there is probably already a product that will work well for your skin. It has a bit of everything: make-up removers for oily, dry, mixed, sensitive skin … I hope this post helps you find the best option!


What is the best type of makeup remover?

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You have certainly seen that little product with water and oil on the shelves of pharmacies and, yes, biphasic is the most common makeup remover. Fame is not for nothing, after all, this is one of the best options for taking off heavy and waterproof makeup.
As the base is not all oil, the texture of the product is not as melancholy and can be used with caution for those who have oily skin on special occasions.


What is the best type of makeup remover?

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Oil-based products may not have the best texture in the world, but I confess that they are great alternatives to remove that very heavy make-up from the eyes. No waterproof mask resists the product.
After using it with a cotton pad, remember to wash your face thoroughly with your facial soap and end your care routine with tonic and moisturizer. The oily formula may not be the national preference, but it is definitely the one that best removes makeup.


What is the best type of makeup remover?

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For those who have more sensitive skin or want a less aggressive alternative on a daily basis, the micellar solution is the best option. I love the product because it is super delicate, you know?
For those who have oily skin and do not have the habit of using waterproof makeup every day, this is the ideal makeup remover.


What is the best type of makeup remover?

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In the case of dry and / or dry skin, the ideal is to invest in products with hydrating power and more delicate. Make-up removers in cream, mousse or even balm are perfect.
As this type of product does not need tissues or cotton in the application. they are great for those who also have the most sensitive skin.


What is the best type of makeup remover?

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Contrary to what many people imagine, wipes are not good options for daily use. The product is super practical and ideal for those lazy days, but since they need to be “rubbed” on the skin and still leave residues, they can cause irritation in the long run.
However, I always take a little package with me on my trips because they are really perfect for those looking for practicality. There’s no excuse for not taking off your makeup before bed, right?


What is the best type of makeup remover?
1- Marina Smith’s Biphasic Cleanser at Sephora – R $ 44.00
2- Sensibio H2O Micellare Solution from Bioderma at Época Cosméticos – R $ 69.90
3- MAC Cleaning Oil at Sephora – R $ 153.00
4- Take the day off from the Clinic’s Cleaning Balm at Beauty Box – R $ 179.00
5- Bioré makeup wipes at Droga Raia – R $ 68.45

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