What is the best way to store fruits?

What is the best way to store fruits?

I imagine that many of you have already had to throw some fruit away for letting it spoil, right? In addition to ripening, the way of storing the ingredients also directly interferes with their durability. Therefore, we selected some practical and super simple tips to store the fruits in the best possible way ?

Avoid washing fruits


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Washing fruits before taking them to the refrigerator can be super harmful to their conservation. So always avoid doing this. Natural products like this usually have a protective layer of the fruit, protecting the food from bacteria and other external exposures. The same goes for eggs, for example, as we explained in another post for you guys.
Those who still prefer to wash the fruits can use a mixture of water and vinegar. However, don’t rub your hands on fruits or anything like that. Soak them for a few minutes and then let them dry well before storing.

Beware of ethylene gas

What is the best way to store fruits?

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As they ripen, the fruit releases a natural gas called ethylene. Although it has no smell, the gas affects the ripeness of the surrounding fruits. Bananas, for example, are one of the largest ethylene producers.
Note the action of ethylene gas is quite simple: just leave a bunch of grapes next to ripe bananas. You will find that they will mature much faster! Oh, and in the case of bananas, it is recommended that they be taken from the bunch. To protect the tips of the fruit, cover each one with plastic wrap.


What is the best way to store fruits?

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It is super common to store fruits in the refrigerator. However, you need to know exactly where to store them. Let’s use the egg example again. Who read the post about conservation of eggs knows that they can’t stay on the refrigerator door. This region of the appliance varies a lot in temperature, making the ingredient last less.
In the case of fruits, they must be at the bottom of the refrigerator. Preferably above the drawer to store the vegetables. It is in this region that the temperature is adequate for the storage of the fruit, without being too cold!


What is the best way to store fruits?

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The use of plastic pots to store food is almost automatic. But, storage in glass jars is ideal. That’s because plastic releases substances that are not good for our health. With that in mind, always try to use glass containers!
In addition, using plastic wrap and aluminum foil are two other ways to keep the fruit preserved. Just be careful to wrap the fruits very dry, so that they do not create mold.

Ripe and green fruits

What is the best way to store fruits?

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Last but not least, a very simple solution to increase fruit durability. Mixing green fruits in a fruit bowl (or inside the fridge) with more ripe ones will make their ripening time more balanced. The only caveat is to put fruits of the same species together, without mixing them!
Who already followed at least one of these tips? Tell us down here!

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