What is the upward sign?

What is the upward sign?

By Luisa Nucada do @ nux.astrology

If you came to read this column, you probably already know your sun sign, the one you look for in the newspaper horoscope to find out what your day will be like. Yes, your “sign” is the heavenly territory where the sun was when you gave the air of grace here on Earth. Despite being the most famous, solar positioning is not the only or the most special. We have other celestial bodies and very important points in an astrological chart, which is nothing more than the graphic representation of the sky at a given moment. THE Increase, I venture to say, it is the most important point, because everything starts and derives from it.

What is the upward sign?

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Born of life

THE upward sign it is the one that rose on the eastern horizon at the time of birth. It is to the east on the horizon, the line that separates heaven from earth, that the sun (and the other celestial bodies) rise, that is, they rise every day. Also called “point of life” or “uprising”, the ascendant designates the sign that was being born together with the individual.

Being born is about gaining body. At delivery, the baby separates from the mother’s body and gains a body just for him. Therefore, the ascending sign, the one that ascends at birth, portrays the body, gives information about the native’s appearance, vitality and way of being. It will talk about how that individual places his body in the world: semblant, visual, mannerisms, physique. It is the “facade”.

The ascendant is determined taking into account the time of birth and the geographic coordinates of the hometown. From it, the division by houses of an astrological chart is established. Every map has twelve sectors called astrological houses. The ascendant is the beginning of everything, the beginning of house 1 and the gateway to the biography. Did you see how important he is?

What is the upward sign?

Photograph: Picsea via Unsplash

What was the sign that was announced for the day and was born with you? In case you don’t know, just look for one of the countless free sites that generate an astrological chart on the internet, but you must have the birth certificate schedule in hand. Now, let’s walk through the Zodiac and the twelve rising sign possibilities:

Aries, Taurus, Gemini

If a life begins with Aries ascending, the native’s biography and body will embody the courage of the celestial ram, and there may be an emphasis on the head, with scars or hitting the coconut, a manifestation of Aryan impetuosity. If the one who ascends is the Taurus, the corpulence of the animal of many arrobas will be present, as well as the sensuality and inclination to material pleasures. There may be some emphasis on the neck or throat, with a full-bodied voice, for example. If the Gemini brothers ascend, the lightness and cleverness of the children will be remarkable, the easy learning with a way of playing and an eternal boyish way. The emphasis may be on the arms, with manual dexterity or ease to play instruments.

Cancer, Leo, Virgo

If Cancer is the ascendant, the crab, the urge to care and welcome will characterize that existence, this sign of nutrition governs the stomach or breasts, parts of the body linked to physical or emotional nutrition, of oneself or of the other. If the lion is announced, the mane may be golden or imposing, and the king’s heart, loyal and generous, will be an authorial mark. The way to arrive is to arrive, impossible not to notice the exuberant feline, sovereign of the jungle. Now, if it is Virgo who ascends, the delicate concern with details and the talent for analysis will be present. A thing of who separates the chaff from the wheat constantly, as well as the intestine separates the nutrient from what cannot be used.

Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius

If the birth took place with the raising of Libra, the balance of justice will be characteristic, as well as the search for harmony and aesthetic appreciation. The kidneys are of Libran regency, make the blood pure, just as a judge or mediator must have the purity of the exemption. Scorpio in the Ascendant gives an air of mystery, a taste for investigation and for everything that is hidden. The sign governs the genitals, has an attraction for secrets and taboos, so people prefer to keep under the hood. Sagittarius on rising raises the will to expand, whether studying, traveling or seeking spiritual enlightenment. It is the centaur who, being half a horse, manifests himself in strong thighs, large teeth or a snicker laugh.

Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Capricorn is hard and for that reason gives support, rules the knees that, if not firm, make us fall to the ground. The toughness gives an air of seriousness, this ascendant has the face of authority, in addition to a dry, bony or thin body. Aquarius is the urn that irrigates and governs the ankles, which quickly swell if the circulation of fluids through the veins is not good. Different, alternative and disjointed, Aquarius usually brings something rebellious or eccentric to the look or behavior. And finally, the hypersensitive Pisces and his miracle feet, to walk on water, to inhabit the aquatic world of intuition and the connection with the totality. Playful, artistic, dreamer, this ascendant has the look of a fish, who seems to be floating or daydreaming.

Did you enjoy the journey through the human body? Grateful for the company and until the next journey.

Luisa Nucada is a journalist and astrologer at Nux Astrologia. Write daily horoscopes on your Instagram profile: @ nux.astrology.

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