what it is and simple tips on how to practice

what it is and simple tips on how to practice

One of the relationships that has grown stronger in recent times is between us and our homes. The new pandemic coronavirus it has certainly changed our habits a lot and, even if all this passes, the future is that we will stay at home longer. Therefore, many practices such as Feng Shui has become better known. Let’s understand how it works and how to practice in a very simple way?


Feng means wind and shui, Water. The union of these two elements, with their respective energies would bring the harmony and balance that we seek so much. Everything originated from Chinese philosophies, but today it has spread around the world and has several other aspects.

Feng Shui: what it is and simple tips on how to practice

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In the West, the best known school is the Black Hat School, which uses the Baguá – a kind of eight-sided map – placed on the floor plan, which points out which points are each of the areas to be worked on: family, friends, prosperity, relationships, health, wisdom, success, creativity and work.

Feng Shui is often classified as an “art” of analyze and organize the furniture, objects and places in the house. All of this seeking to understand how the energy it could flow better in environments, bringing balance between people, the place they live in and, thus, achieving more prosperity in all parts of life.


The benefits of Feng Shui are found in the short and long term, so that small actions can already change the humor and perception of the home itself. Over time, practice would bring flow for energies Too “locked” or “accelerated”.

Feng Shui: what it is and simple tips on how to practice

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Thus, it is understood that with energies in harmonic flow aligned with other healing and self-care practices, it is possible to help maintain good mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. It also helps in relationships and leverages the emergence of new opportunities and gains.


Many practitioners say that Feng Shui is not about decorating the house and that is not really the main goal. However, it is undeniable that being in a cozy home, with things we like and meanings bring a sense of well-being, right?

Feng Shui: what it is and simple tips on how to practice

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Not to mention that if all practices are related to goals that are inside the house, it is impossible not to relate to the decoration. That is, there is also much talk about beauty, practicality, colors and decorations that please us ? Ah, Feng Shui has a lot to do with the minimalism, so that the excesses have the possibility to prevent the flow and accumulate energy.


When we research or seek a Feng Shui expert to make the energy flow in the house work, the work is great and extensive. There is the possibility of a very complex study for each room, each memos corner, and all this related to the residents. However, some very simple tips and practices can help you get into that before thinking about it in more detail.

Feng Shui: what it is and simple tips on how to practice

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(1) The first step is to be concerned with the operation of your home and try to see it as a “being”. That is, nothing to leave things not working or in half, ok?

2) Keep the clean environments, organized and with specific functions. And that doesn’t mean we need to be obsessive, okay? It is just to keep everything in place and thus make everything more practical, fluid and vital.

(3) Pay attention to Gateway. It is one of the main points of entry and exit of energy. Always enter through it, leave it with a receptive aspect and with goals that can filter the energies. Plants are great for this – in several rooms, not just at the entrance to the house!

Feng Shui: what it is and simple tips on how to practice

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4) Take care of electronics. Avoid leaving them in the bedroom and especially near your bed.

(5) Close the drains! According to Feng Shui, sink drains, bathrooms, toilets and so on are energy drain points. Always keep them closed, as well as the bathroom door.

(6) Know the meanings of objects. There are goals that mean to you, others that are part of religions and it is important to pay attention to all of that. Mirrors, for example, reflect energy (do not leave them facing the door or facing the bed).


Which of these practices did you most identify with? Leave it in the comments!

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