what it is, benefits + guided meditation with free apps

what it is, benefits + guided meditation with free apps

Have you noticed that many people have been practicing meditation through social networks and said how much it can transform? It is a fact that this happens when the moment and reality is so worrying and tense. So, to improve, we seek peace, tranquility and calm, as a form of escape (in the best sense of the word) from the most concrete and earthly connections. This is exactly how meditation works, so that we can “return to reality” later and move on.

what it is, benefits + guided meditation with free apps

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But, what is meditation really? What are the benefits? Really works? It is like? There are many doubts that go through our head and that, if answered, can even help to calm the thoughts and assist in meditation, if you are already trying to do it. In this text we answer these and other questions, as well as indications of free apps for you to start meditating today ✨✨


It is very difficult, as with most very old practices, to report exactly what emerged. What can be said is that many cultures, religions and practices used meditation. In addition, it is certain that most of them come from the East (India and China).

what it is, benefits + guided meditation with free apps

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However, beverage consciousness, look inside, reflect and concentrate they are practices referring to a vast historical explanation. Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of concentration that the most archaic beings were looking for to hunt or simply look at the fire after discovering it?

What is?

Meditation is one of the practices of ayurvedic medicine, which proposes, first of all, the self knowledge (we explain it better in this link here). Meditating is a way of practicing attention, Note and concentration from the field of consciousness. In other words, when we meditate, we perform introspection, “looking inside”.

what it is, benefits + guided meditation with free apps

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It is no accident that motivation comes from Latin meditate, which means “going to the center”, disconnecting from the outside world, for a period of time, to return with greater balance and many other benefits.


Speaking of which, here are some of the incredible benefits of meditation:

Mental health

Whoever meditates begins to see the world differently and thus develops a more positive image about reality. In the search for balance and other perceptions of the real, meditation helps in the treatment of anxiety, depression, hypertension, chronic pain … And a multitude of other diseases. After all, a body in balance and calm is a less attractive environment for many problems, isn’t it?

Concentration and focus

Do you know when you are going to do something and feel very dispersed? What happens is that you are being bombarded with other information, wishes and thoughts. Meditation is a great practice for your mind to eliminate these interactions and do more focus some activity.

Self knowledge

And of course, the biggest benefit, which is linked to all others: the self knowledge. From the moment we try to know yourself and coordinate the mind for that, we are testing other possibilities of action and finding the individual ways, which are unique, to live in a healthy way.

Divine and natural connection

Also, for you to believe, meditation can be a way of connection divine with the spirituality of the world and with what is most natural in the world, energies. We talked a lot about them in a text about crystals, click here ?

How to practice?

The best way for those starting out is to perform this meditation process in a guided way. This can happen with any teacher who performs this conduct or through applications, videos on youtube, podcasts …

what it is, benefits + guided meditation with free apps

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So, find a quiet place, sit in a comfortable way and listen to your guide, performing all the steps in the most natural way possible. And most important of all: don’t give up and don’t cover yourself so much. Do not give up if you think it is not working and do not charge for it to be so efficient, after all, meditation does not seek this logic of productivity, but of calm.

Some tips for meditating:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Breathe always.
  3. Focus on some part of your body.
  4. Choose a quiet and peaceful environment.
  5. Keep frequency, do it on good days and bad days.
  6. Relax!

And which applications to use:

  1. Medite.se (Android and IOS)
  2. LoJong (Android and IOS)
  3. WeMind (Android and IOS)
  4. Sattva (Android and IOS)
  5. Aura (Android and IOS)

We hope this post has helped you. If you have any other practices or apps that you use, leave them in the comments to help others too ?

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