What kind of wedding dress to choose?

What kind of wedding dress to choose?

Anyone who accompanies me knows that Paulo and I are getting married! We’ve been together for a long time, and we even got married in Las Vegas, but now the big moment has come.
Of the many points to resolve, the first thing that comes to mind is the dress. After all, it is the clothes you will wear when saying the expected ~ yes. But, calm down, you don’t have to be nervous, let’s learn the types of wedding dress and do it together, because this part has to be nice and fun too.
What kind of wedding dress to choose?
The first tip is to choose a dress that suits you. It wouldn’t make sense to wear a look that makes you look out of context, style or personality. So, take a good look at the clothes you already like to wear and that look good on you and start trying on those with the same vibe. To make this moment easier and more uncomplicated, I took a look at the types of wedding dress! Understand what they are, how they are used and write down which one fills your eyes the most ?

Empire Dress

As much as the name reminds us of very bulky models, such as royalty, the empire dress has a more fitting frame to the body. It is characteristic for being marked on the bust and always with a band just below. The bottom is very loose with a very natural and smooth fit, with a lot of fluidity in the fabric.
What kind of wedding dress to choose?

The tight fit to the body greatly favors the waist and the skirt, which starts just below the bust and lengthens the body. For those who want to highlight the bust region, this is the ideal model as it is always very fair in the region.

What kind of wedding dress to choose?

Photo: Coop do Casamento e Casamentos.pt

  • This is known to be very comfortable, due to the lighter and looser fabric.

A-Line or Cut A

The evasé model, which is sometimes called cut A, has exactly the image that refers to the nickname. The base is wider and resembles the letter format, in addition to being also called the universal model. This is because the model goes well with all body types, enhancing the waist without marking the hips, making everything softer and classier.

What kind of wedding dress to choose?
Here, the fabric is very important. Since the idea is to have the A shape, stiffer fabrics are great. After all, they have an open trim. The most used materials are Italian and Duchese satins and zibeline.

What kind of wedding dress to choose?

Photo: Wedding Dresses Guide and iCasei Magazine


This everyone knows, right my people? The mermaid wedding dress is well adjusted to the knee and opens with total reference to our mermaid friends. This model is all modern, but it is almost classic!

What kind of wedding dress to choose?

Photo: Guia Noiva Online and Wedding Wire

The silhouette here is very prominent and greatly favors body curves. Here, it is also possible to be more daring in the choices of fabrics, using one or more options in the same piece. Tulle, for example, is a classic that usually appears. In addition, the “cut” of the syrup to the top of the dress is not always done abruptly, and can be smoothed with the continuity of details of the dress.


The difference between this and the Sereia is that the dress is very close to the hip, but then opens the base smoothly.

What kind of wedding dress to choose?

Photo: Jonathan Borba

This one, of course, is more comfortable than the previous one, because it is looser. Positive point for facilitating walking, since it is not so marked in the knee area.


Now, the really classic wedding dress or the debutante one! The princess dress is very well painted and has a VERY bulky skirt. The upper part of the bust is very tight to make the counterpoint. It resembles the imperial dress, but with a much larger base.

What kind of wedding dress to choose?

Photo: Guide to wedding dresses and Weddings.com.br

The skirt can be made in several layers, with very different fabrics, embroidered, with shine, tulle … everything depends on the style of the wedding, whether it is more classic or more modern. This model, being widely used, has several variations. Ah, the fact of having such a bulky skirt can highlight or soften the body silhouette.


Made to follow the natural line of the body, without being too tight, this model does not have many waves, following from the hip to the floor in a straight line.

What kind of wedding dress to choose?

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There is also a version more just to the body, which marks a little more and makes everything a little more apparent. It is a version that lies between the traditional straight and the mermaid!

Short and Mullet

Yes, the bride does not always need to wear the long robe. You can dare with shorter, and of course, refreshing looks. Mullet, the one that is shorter at the front and long at the back, is great for those who want to use the short but do not accept giving up the classic syrup.

What kind of wedding dress to choose?

Photo: iCasei and At last

Let’s combine, it is a perfect combination for those who want to show their legs and think it is very fair to show their shoes!
Jeez, now the urge to marry has hit… haha Ah, IGTV has a video trying on wedding dresses, watch it there!

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