What not to do in New York!

What not to do in New York!

We’ve done several posts with special tips about New York. However, we had never talked about what not to do in the city. So, to help anyone who intends to visit NY soon, we raised all the most common mistakes among tourists.
If you don’t want to make the same mistakes as first-time travelers, just keep an eye on everything we’ll share now ?

Don’t try to visit everything

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Because it is a city with numerous attractions, most tourists feel that anxiety to visit everything. I understand that we always try to make the most of the tour, but this should not be measured by the number of places you have visited.
So, enjoy the attractions you get to know better and don’t be so worried about the time spent on each one. Keep in mind that experiences are the best part of a trip!

Watch out on the subway!

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This rule is usually valid for every large city, so be sure to write it down if it is not yet part of your day-to-day. On the metro escalators, always leave the left free! The reputation that New Yorkers are in a hurry is the truest truth, so don’t get in the way of those who need to get home or work quickly.
And in New York, while it is acceptable to stand at the right of the stairs, this is not their custom. Basically, walk whenever possible (and, of course, if you can afford it). Oh, and this rule of not standing still applies to sidewalks.

Taxi may not be the best option

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NY traffic is known worldwide for being chaotic, confusing and intense. Considering the amount of cars in the city, taking a taxi to get around is not the ideal option. The chances of you getting stuck in traffic are high, causing the value of the race to increase and it takes you even longer to reach your final destination.
Before deciding to take the taxi, confirm that there is no other route that can be taken by the metro. New York’s underground lines are very extensive and cover almost every area of ​​the city. In addition to being much cheaper, the metro is almost always faster.
NOTE: If you have to return to your hotel or home late at night, it is worth opting for the Uber service ?

Don’t just stay in Manhattan

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As we explained in the post with several other tips about New York, we mentioned that the city is divided into 5 different “districts” – The Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island and Brooklyn. They all deserve at least one visit, so plan your route well and go beyond Manhattan.
Williamsburg, in Brooklyn, is one of the most special places in the city. The streets are surrounded by art, both on the walls and also with performances by local artists. Also in this area you will find several different cute shops and cafes. In addition, those who like to buy clothes in thrift stores will fall even more in love with the region.

Be sure to look for cheaper versions of the tours

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Even though there are many paid tours in New York, the city also has several options for free activities. For an incredible tour of the bay of NY, for example, forget the Circle Line cruise and bet on the version of the Staten Island Ferry.
Oh, and if you have a dream to climb one of the tallest buildings in the city and have an unforgettable view of the entire island, I recommend that you leave the Empire State Building aside and go to the Top Of The Rock. The view is as incredible as that of the Empire State and the ticket price is much less.
Another tour that is not always everything that tourists expect is to visit the Statue of Liberty. This is a bit of a stop attraction, as the only interesting thing there is the statue itself. That is, it is valid to observe it from afar by ferry really ?

So, who has already made one of these mistakes?

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