what not to forget in the quarantine

what not to forget in the quarantine

In times of Quarantine and coronavirus, the best thing to do is to stay at home and make your trips to the supermarkets always more agile, quick and that guarantee that nothing will be missing afterwards. Therefore, this post intends to explain some important points to be aware now. At the end of the post, you still find a printable grocery shopping list, ideal to help you at that time.

1. Know what you already have

First of all, look at your pantry or wardrobe and analyze what you have at home. Especially in those more hidden places, combined? There are often products there that we don’t even remember and nothing to buy again. As time goes by using the same list, you will be able to more clearly identify what you often use has ended faster.

what not to forget in the quarantine

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2. Plan meals

It’s also super important to know what you’re going to eat during one week. It is not necessary to know exactly, after all, it is not always possible. But, having a sense of what you are going to consume is the most important. That way, you get to know what ingredients you will need – to help you in this process, we made a post to plan the meals (here).
In addition to basic meals, also think about whether you are going to make any cake, bread or anything special. So, already arrange to buy the necessary ingredients.

what not to forget in the quarantine

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3. Use the freezer a lot

Before you even go shopping, make sure everything is right with your freezer, defrost if necessary, empty things that have been there for a long time, optimize the size of the pots and leave more space for other products.
Many foods can be frozen still raw, such as meat, tubers, parsley, chives … Or frozen after cooking, such as broccoli, cauliflower and legumes.

what not to forget in the quarantine

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4. Do not stock unnecessarily!

These are difficult times for many people, so the experts’ recommendation is that we buy food for not max one month consumption. As chaotic as the situation is, supermarkets will continue to be supplied. Therefore, thinking about the next and buying only what is necessary is the best thing to do so that they do not empty the shelves and consequently there are less options for other people.

what not to forget in the quarantine

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5. Let’s go to the shopping list!

First, let’s make it clear that this is a List with many food options, which can be adapted of wake up with yours need, taste or even region in which you reside. The priority on this list is more essential foods that, for the most part, last longer at home. Of course, we also offer perishable food options, such as fresh fruits and vegetables and bread. The latter, in turn, must be purchased in smaller quantities so that they do not spoil.
Another tip for perishable foods is to freeze! We have some posts that can help you, freeze breads, for example. And to know about the vegetables and fruits that last the longest in the fridge and how to store them, click here and here.
And finally, to download the shopping list, CLICK HERE.
what not to forget in the quarantine
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