What To Book In Advance Before Going To New York

What To Book In Advance Before Going To New York

It is nothing new for anyone New York it is a super tourist city. The place receives millions of visitors every year, so it takes planning to get to know everything you want. As much as escaping the crowd is not always possible, a script made in advance helps a lot during the trip itself.
For this reason, we selected six of the city’s most famous sights and attractions. To guarantee your entry to all of them, be sure to buy or book your ticket before you even board ?

Top of the rock

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Photo: Joshua Newton

Want to have a surreal view of New York? Scroll to the Top Of The Rock! The landscape is as beautiful as that of the Empire State Building, and the queues are much shorter. Another reason to prefer this observatory is the value of the tickets, which are more affordable when compared to those of the Empire State.
Oh, and the most amazing thing is that you can book a time during sunset. The scenery manages to become even more charming, especially for those who love urban landscapes. If you want the admission ticket, just look for the times with a sun icon.


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Photo: Denys Nevozhai

Go to a show Broadway in New York is a dream for many people. So you don’t miss out on this opportunity, secure your tickets online! Some more famous pieces sell out faster than others, so stay tuned. In addition, the sooner you buy, the better your seat will be.

Game or show at Madison Square Garden

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Photo: @killianmoore

Like Broadway, shows on the Madison Square Garden sell out easy. The ticket ends even faster when the artist in question is extremely famous. That is, be very smart and keep an eye on the sales dates. Games don’t end so fast anymore, but prevention is better than cure, right?

Statue of Liberty

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Photo: Gautam Krishnan

Anyone who wants to see the Statue of Liberty up close will have to book the tour months in advance. Most tourists who plan to visit the city put this tourist spot on the itinerary, so tickets to enter the Liberty Island are so disputed. Oh, and when choosing the ticket, be sure to carefully analyze which “package” you want.

Hotel and restaurant

new York

Photo: Logan Nolin

Although this topic is quite obvious, many people end up leaving it to the last minute. So, to avoid unforeseen events and losses, make the reservation of restaurants and hotels as soon as possible. If you intend to celebrate something in a specific restaurant, for example, it is essential to have your place guaranteed. As for the hotel, I don’t even need to say much, right?


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