What to do in Te Anau (Milford Sound and Fiordland)

What to do in Te Anau (Milford Sound and Fiordland)

Fiordland and Milford Sound, in New Zealand, are two of the most incredible places I have ever seen in my life. Natural landscapes always leave me enchanted, so it was practically impossible not to have enjoyed our tour of this region.
To be able to do these two tours in a short period of time, the ideal is to stay in Te Anau. This small town is considered the base for those who want to visit the Fiordland National Park, with traditional accommodation options and also camps for motorhome!
Thinking about it, I separated some basic information about the place – besides giving some suggestions of hotels, tours and restaurants ?

When to go

What to do in Te Anau (Milford Sound and Fiordland)
AN Spring it’s the summer are the two best times of the year to visit Te Anau. Even though these are the busiest months, they are ideal for trails and boat trips. The days are also longer, giving tourists the opportunity to spend more hours exploring the city and surrounding areas.
Autumn is also a good month for those who want to do more than one trail, avoiding that the paths are so full. In that case, the temperatures will be milder, but nothing to hinder the tours.

How to get

What to do in Te Anau (Milford Sound and Fiordland)

Photo: Tom King

Anyone who follows us on Youtube, on the Danielle Noce channel, knows that our trip through New Zealand was made by motorhome. Therefore, this was the means used by us to reach the region. If you do not intend to rent any type of vehicle, I recommend that you research the route options through InterCity Coachlines or other bus companies.
It is also possible to take a plane from Auckland or Queenstown to Te Anau. As many people end up starting their journey through New Zealand through Auckland, I believe this is a good option.


What to do in Te Anau (Milford Sound and Fiordland)

Photo: Rhema Kallianpur

Our camp around the region was the Te Anau Kiwi Holliday Park, perfect to spend the night and have a good rest. With regard to hotels, the two best options are Cabot Lodge and Distinction Te Anau Hotel. Both are relatively close to the sights and are super comfortable. Depending on your travel style, it’s worth taking a look at Airbnb too!

Where to eat

What to do in Te Anau (Milford Sound and Fiordland)

Photo: Christian Bolt

Who has heard the expression “empty bag does not stop standing”? That phrase is the true truth – to enjoy the trails and walks, you need a lot of energy. In Te Anau, one of the most famous restaurants is Kepler. It focuses on South American cuisine, serving mainly crayfish and ceviche. THE Redcliff Cafe it is also a great option, with a very intimate atmosphere and contemporary dishes.
I couldn’t leave out the Mainly seafood. The options about this place are well divided. There are those who love and those who hate. Anyway, it is worth trying and getting to know a “fast food” local. It is there that you find the traditional fish and chips!


What to do in Te Anau (Milford Sound and Fiordland)
Right at the beginning of the post I already gave you two of the main tours in the region: Milford Sound and Fiordland. Both places are wonderful and cannot be left out of your New Zealand tour. THE Fiordland National Park it’s also amazing, especially to learn more about the local vegetation.
Another corner that yields beautiful photos and is also beautiful personally is the Mirror lake. It has this name because the water in the lake is so still that it even reflects the landscape around it, as if it were a mirror!
Did you feel like visiting this paradise in New Zealand? Our experience there is recorded on a beautiful vlog and full of information for you. I’ll put the video below for you to watch ?

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