What to do in Waitaki, New Zealand

What to do in Waitaki, New Zealand

Every country has that region that is a little forgotten by tourists. At New Zealand, this is the case of Waitaki. Who makes a travel around the country usually go there. But, if that is not the case, few people know the natural beauty of the area.
So that you don’t make that same mistake, we are going to tell you some of the most incredible activities to be done there. Take the opportunity to also explore the local cuisine and learn more about the culture of the New Zealand population!

Hot tubs

What to do in Waitaki, New Zealand

Photo: @ yang.02

How about relaxing in a hot tub facing the lake Omarama? This experience is perfect for couples who are venturing on a road trip across the country and want to do something different. Relaxing and breathtaking scenery around you! To learn more about the company and the location, just take a look at the company’s website Omarama hot tubs.

Wine tasting

What to do in Waitaki, New Zealand

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One of the main reasons why the Waitaki region is visited is the wineries. The plantations in the area are relatively new, the first of which was made in 2001. Even though they are small productions, the wines are quite varied and with unique characteristics.
The taste of ripe fruits is complex and ideal for those who like wines that leave that good taste in your mouth, you know? Among the most common variants of Waitaki are Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Riesling.

Clay cliffs of Omarama

What to do in Waitaki, New Zealand

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The landscape of Clay Cliffs it is super striking and is one of the most representative in the region. So, if you are wondering what to do in Waitaki, make a note of this tour now! To enter the “park” you have to pay $ 5 for the maintenance of the road and the natural scenery.
It is also possible to do a very short trail and walk around the rock formations. For the more sedentary people, it turns out to be a little more difficult – but nothing impossible! In addition, this place is close to the Hot tubs. Therefore, it is possible to do both tours on the same day ?

Lake Ohau

What to do in Waitaki, New Zealand

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New Zealand is filled with incredible lakes, forming unforgettable scenery and worthy of romance films. It’s the Lake Ohau it is just one of those places. However, the beauty of the region is not its only attraction. It is also possible to go hiking and cycling around the side. In my view, activities like these outdoors are super pleasant and yield good stories.

Ohau Ski Field

What to do in Waitaki, New Zealand

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Winter is also full of attractions for Waitaki. For people who like to ski and things like that, this is a great alternative. As it is not on the route of most tourists, the ski resort Ohau Snow Fields it is much less busy.
The highest part of the park, in the Mount sutton, is 1825 meters high. Even if you have no experience with winter sports, this is a great alternative to learn and get out of your comfort zone!
What did you think of the city? For those who want to know more about the country, we also share tips from several other places around New Zealand, such as Queenstown and Wanaka ?

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