What to know before going to Frankfurt

What to know before going to Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main is a common destination for those just passing through Germanyafter all, its airport is one of the biggest entrance doors to the Europe. Why not enjoy a little more of the city?
In addition to the wide variety of foods, drinks and many) sweets, Frankfurt has several museums and no wonder it has a specific area for them: the Museumsufer. This set of museums is close to the banks of the Main River – one of the main in the country.


What to know before going to Frankfurt

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There is no better time than another to travel to Frankfurt am Main. In reality, this will vary depending on what you prefer: cold or heat. There, the seasons are very extreme, autumn and winter are very cold, to the point of facing negative temperatures and frequent rains. And if you prefer sunny days, spring and summer are the best option.
If you are preparing for low temperatures, the best time to go is between November and February. And if you want to enjoy summer walks, the best alternative is to go May to September.


What to know before going to Frankfurt

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To go to Frankfurt, the documents needed they are very basic as in other European countries. If you have citizenship in any European country, just take your passport which will be even easier to access. And for those who are not European citizens, List is as follows:

  • your passport (within the validity period)
  • acquired return ticket
  • travel insurance (mandatory)
  • hosting voucher
  • financial evidence

But Dani, don’t you have any kind of visa?” Exactly! There is no visa requirement for Brazilians who will stay less than 90 days in most European countries. So, you can rest assured about this and prepare only the necessary documentation.


What to know before going to Frankfurt

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If you’re already worrying about the financial part of going to Frankfurt, you don’t have much of a secret, as they use the Euro like official currency. The Euro quote is always one of the highest, stay tuned for updates before buying or exchanging your money.
Germans normally prefer to use cash bills to pay for day-to-day purchases, however, most establishments accept major credit cards. It is up to you to define which best form of payment to use on the trip.


Frankfurt accommodation

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Many tourists go to Frankfurt just to spend a few nights, so there are many comfortable accommodation options around the city. Whatever the period of stay, hotels are always ready to receive visitors. If you are going to develop a tour with many destinations, you will need a place to rest after a long day.
To help you plan this part of the trip, we have separated 5 boutique hotels to stay in Frankfurt. So, you can choose the best place to stay there ?


What to know before going to Frankfurt

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There is one factor that you can count on for sure in the city: the public transportation Frankfurt. Germany, in general, is known for having an excellent rail system. You can even rent a car, but the most economical and efficient alternative is to use the subways, trains and buses to get almost anywhere.
Another very good (and fun!) Way to get around is using bicycles. If you’re already used to cycling around the city, you’ll love a ride Frankfurt am Main, especially if you are on a hot day and in a region that has tourist attractions close to each other. Just like here in Brazil, there are several apps rental bike that you can use for a day and then return. When setting up your script it is interesting to think about this question of locomotion between tours.


What to know before going to Frankfurt
Options restaurants wonderful to eat in Frankfurt will never be missing and even

we’ve already listed some here on the website. You can eat traditional dishes that take a lot of meat, sausages and potatoes or even a delicious pizza with very thin dough. And I couldn’t forget to mention the Apfelwein, a classic Frankfurt drink. That apple wine it is served chilled and is present in most restaurants, that is, it is a perfect drink for hot days.
A striking feature of most restaurants is the care with decoration: always very sophisticated and with details that refer to the story. An example? Emma Metzler is located next to the Museumsufer and, even so, its interior resembles a museum room. And a tip about this place is: going on the last Saturday of the month, you get a free entrance to the museum ?
And when it comes to candy, the traditional Germany are very famous in Frankfurt. Surely you’ve heard of
Apple strudel or the black Forest cake. And while not all sweets are known worldwide like these, there are many options for german sweets that are delicious.


What to know before going to Frankfurt

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If you’ve read this far, you may have noticed that museums they are very famous and are part of the city. Frankfurt am Main was considered one of the main economic and cultural centers of Europe, so when you are there be sure to visit at least one museum.
A great option is to visit the Museumsufer, which makes it easier if you take one or more days just to take a cultural tour. One of the museums in the set is the Städel, considered one of the most important in the world, because it brings together 700 years of European art?
An important note is that most tourist attractions are in a specific region called “Ancient city”. The name of this area reflects the architecture of the place and is a true encounter with the city’s past, mainly due to the typical wooden constructions. In addition, there you will find several churches, bridges and wonderful landscapes to take incredible pictures.
Would you like to meet Frankfurt am Main? Comment here if you liked these tips and recommendations ?

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