What to know before going to Mexico City

What to know before going to Mexico City

AN Mexico City it is definitely one of the most magical we have ever visited. In addition to the places having such a unique and beautiful way of seeing life, we had the opportunity to explore the flavors of traditional Mexican food, considered even a UNESCO heritage site.
But what do we need to know to make the best use of the colors, aromas and places of this very special destination? We have selected the main information for those who intend to visit the region, including very special tips on where to taste the best of local cuisine.


What to know before going to Mexico City
To everyone’s delight, Mexico City has a favorable climate for tourists throughout the year. The temperatures there are not extreme and are usually mild for almost every month. In summer, however, they rise – but along with the heat the classic summer rains appear. That rainiest period is concentrated between June and September, so anyone planning to visit the destination at that time needs to go prepared.
In general, the maximum temperatures are between 25ºC and 26ºC, while the lowest are between 6ºC and 13ºC. Oh, and although the temperatures do not undergo major changes throughout the year, the day itself usually has peaks of cold and heat. Morning and night, with low temperatures, and in the afternoon that little sun that leaves the streets stuffy. For this reason, it is always important to wear a lighter coat!
Now, if your intention is to get the most out of the city’s vibrant energy, don’t think twice and choose November. It is at this time that the celebrations of
Day of the Dead, when colors, costumes, celebrations and celebrations take over the city streets. It is a unique opportunity to get to know a culture so different from ours and to face death in a very special way!


What to know before going to Mexico City
Because it is such an extensive city, there are plenty of options for staying at CDMX. First of all, it is important to know that the neighborhoods there are called colonies, so don’t be surprised if someone mentions the term in a conversation. As for the neighborhoods, it is essential to define what type of trip you intend to take and what type of region you prefer: from the busiest to the most funky.
The region of
Polanco, for example, is a nobler area of ​​the city and also one of the most charming, with several of the most famous restaurants in Mexico. In this same style, another very interesting area is Condesa!
People who prefer to stay in the most central region of the city can opt for
Historic center, opting for cheaper hotels, or in Coyoacán, neighborhood where Frida Khalo lived for years.
In general, the most important thing is to be close to a subway station, because this will certainly be the most used means of transport throughout your trip.


What to know before going to Mexico City
Since we mentioned the subway, let’s talk a little more about transportation. The city, like many megacities, has a lot of traffic – really! For this reason, trains end up being the vehicle most used not only by tourists, but also by the city’s residents. Still, at times it will be impossible to escape the car. If this happens, it is better to take an Uber or taxi instead of renting a car.
As many people say, Mexico City is a little dangerous depending on the region. For this reason, always try to consult a travel agent or the staff of the hotel where you will be staying. It is even worth hiring a guide depending on the places you want to visit ?


What to know before going to Mexico City
As I mentioned at the beginning of the text, Mexican cuisine is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO! That is, there is a lot of good food and full of personality there. One of the most classic and that everyone needs to experience is the tacos – whether street or gourmet. The dough, which is based on corn kernels, is accompanied by several types of filling, with meat being the most classic.
Okay, but then where to eat? The restaurant
Los Cocuyos is one of the best known there, famous for selling one of the best street tacos in the city. Anyway, if you prefer to go to a more refined place, you can book a table at Pujol Bar. The place is one of the best rated in the country, known for an incredible taco bar.
Another place that cannot be left out of your itinerary is the
Nicos. After all, it is not every day that we can visit one of the restaurants present in the ranking of the 50 best in Latin America. Many hearts were won over the restaurant’s 60 years of history, mainly due to the classic and well prepared recipes. Our favorite dish there was Guacamole, freshly prepared and in front of customers.


What to know before going to Mexico City
Let’s talk about the places you need to know? I already start talking about museums, since they represent a good part of the attractions around the city. THE Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo House-Studio Museum, for example, is one of the most iconic in the city. It is there that the houses of two of the most important painters in the world, who represent a good part of Mexican art, are located. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know where the two lived, in addition to observing some of the decorative objects and works of the artists.
Another museum also related to Frida Kahlo is the
Blue house. He is dedicated especially to Frida’s works and usually gets a lot more crowded, so be prepared to face a few hours in line.
In addition to museums, it is also worth visiting the neighborhood of
Coyoacán, an Vasconcelos Library, The Sonora Market and Xochimilco. All places are very connected to the city’s culture, so it is worth getting to know each one.


What to know before going to Mexico City
After talking about accommodation, restaurants and tours, it was time to talk about the local currency. All purchases made by the city can be made with Mexican peso, so take some of the currency already converted. In addition, it is also worth taking a dollar – it is quite easy to change the currency there and can often end up being cheaper.
So, ready to enjoy a trip through Mexico City? Don’t forget to take out travel insurance as well, always welcome for those unexpected adventures.

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