What to know before going to Prague

What to know before going to Prague

If you plan to visit the capital of Czech republic, stay tuned to set up a script complete and leave nothing out. Prague has been classified as the 5th most visited city in Europe and has several attractions that make visitors fall in love with it!
What to know before going to Prague
Besides the famous points tourist, the region also has some peculiarities that make the city even more curious, such as the beer spa. And by the way, the country was considered the biggest beer consumer per capita of the WORLD! For those who are fans of beverage, it is worth trying out its various versions, including a beer milkshake!
What to know before going to Prague
czech cuisine also draws the attention of tourists and ends up being a good part of trip Guide. So, in order not to lose any information, I separated these tips with everything you need to know before going there.


What to know before going to Prague
Prague has a continental climate, that is, the 4 seasons are well defined. The summer is very hot and rainy, while the winter has snow and negative temperatures. The choice of which time is the best for traveling to the Czech Republic will depend on your profile as a tourist.
If you don’t like any of the extremes, I suggest you go during the spring or autumn, so you will face milder temperatures and less intense rains. So write it down: it is cold from October to May and starts to heat up from June until September, you can plan the trip based on those months.


What to know before going to Prague
The Czech Republic is part of the European Union, therefore, if you are a European citizen, just present a document that proves this. And if you are Brazilian, the bureaucracy is also easy! No visa is required to spend less than 90 days, just take your passport. So, regarding this, you don’t need to worry so much, but remember to check the validity of your passport!


What to know before going to Prague
Despite being part of the European Union, the country is one of the few that does not use the Euro as its official currency. To travel to the Czech Republic, you will need to exchange your money for Czech crown.
Yes, that’s what you call their currency, very cool right? Get smart with conversion: 1 Czech crown equals approximately 18 cents of the Brazilian real. And don’t forget to always check the currency quote and research the best place to buy and exchange money.


What to know before going to Prague
Prague is divided by Moldova River and the central region next to the river is where most of the tourist spots like the Prague Castle and Charles Bridge. Therefore, staying in this area is strategic for anyone who wants to do everything close by.
We stayed in Four Seasons Hotel, which had an excellent location and these attractions were about 10 minutes away from us. The region you will be staying depends a lot on your preferences, so
I listed some hotels over there to help you decide the best choice for you.


What to know before going to Prague
As I mentioned, the subway is a great option for transportation through Prague. THE public transportation it really works, from buses, subways and even trams. Just choose the best alternative to get to the places on your itinerary. And what stands out is the tram, a very popular tram in Prague, which runs almost everywhere in the city.
To find out about the means to get to the desired point, there is a
official public transport website which tells you how long and how many stations you are away from the destination. I highly recommend that you plan even on this and already calculate how much you will spend money and time on getting around ?


What to know before going to Prague
And as a good tourist city, there is no shortage of good restaurants and confectionery. You can choose from a few places with super menus traditional czech or else restaurants with more proposals bold and different. But what you will find for sure are the places that serve combos with beer, like “Watch”Which has craft beer options to match classic dishes.
The sweets also not far behind, in Prague you will find several cafes that serve wonderful desserts. And we cannot forget the most famous candy in Prague: the
trdelník. That chimney it is made with a sweet pastry that looks like pretzel and can be filled with ice cream and chocolate, that is, it cannot be bad.


What to know before going to Prague
as already we said in another post, the city has incredible options for tours cultural, so be sure to visit Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the famous Astronomical Clock. It is also worth a visit in some artistic installations in Prague, such as the John Lennon Wall and the statue of the Hanging Man.
We did this and a few other tours there and recorded a
vlog for the channel, you can check everything there. I’m sure some of these options will match your script and who will love it so much Prague as we do.
He wanted to know Prague? Comment here if these tips were helpful and what you would include in your travel itinerary.

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