What to know before going to Taiwan

What to know before going to Taiwan

When we visit a new place, it is normal for some doubts about the destination. And traveling to a totally distant continent that doesn’t even use the same alphabet as yours, ends up making this process even more difficult. However, Not to be afraid! Taiwan it is an incredible place and yes, you can enjoy the trip, even if many places do not even speak English.

What to know before going to Taiwan

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In our case, going to Taiwan was totally out of the way for us, but it worked really well! We were going from California to Indonesia and made a stopover in Taipei. And when Paulo and I saw that amount of Asian products in the shops at the airport, we went crazy. That was when the idea of ​​making a scale and I confess that it was one of the most unusual unplanned that we already live.
So, I decided to separate some tips based on what we live there! Thus, whoever is curious to know this country so different of ours, you can already get an idea of ​​what you will find around the country.


What to know before going to Taiwan

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I always say that choosing the Hotel is the most important part of planning for a trip. However, it is not a decision at all easy when you find a wide variety of options. We have already shown a list of boutique hotels to stay in Taipei and if you are looking for accommodation in this style, just check out the other post.
If this type of hotel doesn’t do your thing, there are other more affordable accommodation options traditional – beyond the classic Airbnb. Just choose the one that fits your budget ?


What to know before going to Taiwan
Decide Dice of the trip will also be a reflection of what you prefer, especially regarding the climate. We went in the summer and it was MUCH heat, the average was above 30ºC ? They say the best time to go to Taiwan is March to May, which is when they are in Spring and temperatures are not that high. If you want to catch cold, the ideal is to go in the winter, which takes place between December and March. But do not create high expectations of, for example, seeing snow, the cold reaches maximum in 10ºC.


What to know before going to Taiwan

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I confess that I do not remember how we went through the bureaucracy of entering the Parents. Paulo and I have the Brazilian passport and also a European passport and it always becomes easier to go through these processes! Although I don’t remember which passport we entered, but we separated a List what are the mandatory documents to go to Taiwan. Write it down:

  • Your passport (pay attention to its validity, cannot expire before 06 months of the scheduled date);
  • 1 form that you will fill out electronically, this you find on official country page;
  • 2 recent 3 × 4 photos, colored and the same;
  • 1 Copy of the Complete Income Tax with Delivery Receipt;
  • 1 Copy of the last 03 pay stubs + copy of the professional card (if employed);
  • 03 last problems + copy of the social contract and CNPJ card (if you are an employer);
  • 1 Print of the hotel reservation made in the country.


What to know before going to Taiwan

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AN coin used in Taiwan is the new taiwanese dollar! For you to have a better idea, 1 of these is equivalent to 14 cents of the Brazilian real. But don’t forget to always check the price before traveling and researching the best local to buy and exchange money.
a perrengue we went through related to that was how we arrived at the hotel. After an intense trip, we left to exchange US dollars for Taiwanese later. When we arrived at the hotel, it ended up staying too late and we couldn’t even eat that day.
The shops next to the hotel only accepted cards from Taiwan or those with NFC (Near Field Communication – that technology where you don’t need to insert the card into the machine, just approach already paid) – and look that even with a card like these we we can’t! Stay tuned with these times and be sure to change the currency at the last minute like us.


What to know before going to Taiwan

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If you are used to riding subway in your city or even when traveling, then you will have no problems with Taipei. The city has several lines that cover a large area and you can find on the internet the Map full, so you can schedule your tours according to the seasons.
Another widely used form of locomotion is the motorcycles. You will see bikes all over the place. And if you have one international driver’s license, you can drive both cars and motorbikes in Taipei. However, beware: this is only valid if you drive a motorcycle up to 50 displacement. For heavier motorcycles, the wallet must have specification for motorcycles.


What to know before going to Taiwan
To discover incredible places to eat in Taipei is not a difficult task. There are many options of dishes that you probably never saw in your life, or never ate something like that. And this is the coolest part of traveling to a country with an entirely new culture. An example of a restaurant we went to and were delighted with was the Modern bathroom restaurant, a place totally inspired by bathrooms. That’s exactly what you just read! And there’s a whole post here on the blog about him, it’s worth checking out ?
What to know before going to Taiwan
It is also worth trying for a very famous drink in Taipei, called Bubble Tea. If you already know this iced tea with tapioca balls, you would be impressed by the amount of stores selling the most varied types and flavors in Taiwan. We have already listed some of the best places to try this refreshing drink over there!
What to know before going to Taiwan
In addition to restaurants and street food, a good way to find out about countries’s gastronomic culture is to markets Of region. We went to some neighborhood stores, a bigger supermarket and even a night market!
We went crazy with all the different products that we saw on the shelves, especially in the packaging that we already think is cool just because we have a lot of letters that we don’t know how to read. The night market is already totally different, but we also explained in another post everything about this totally different model of trade organization that only works at night.


What to know before going to Taiwan
One of the tours we did was to get to know the Shilin Night Market, and we were impressed with the size of the place! And there is a huge list of things to discover in Taipei. Some tours are classic, like visiting Chinese temples, which enchant anyone regardless of religion.
Another unusual program that cannot be left out of your itinerary is the knife massage, a technique millennial which is still successful in Taiwan today.
What to know before going to Taiwan
The place we went to do this massage is in a neighborhood called Ximending, which is a very touristic region of the city! There, for example, you can also get to know “Las Vegas Teddy Bears”! Imagine an entire mall like that machines to catch pets… I guarantee you that it is impossible to resist the temptation of the child that lives inside you?
We also went on a very well-known street in the city, called Dihua. There you can find bulk stores and very different and non-industrialized products. Not to mention the large amount of teas and medicinal herbs that you find in the galleries. I particularly love this kind of place! The only problem is that almost nobody really speaks English and it’s very difficult to understand. At those times, it would be great to have a guide close by.
Finally, we stopped at an electronics mall: the Guanghua. Paulo went crazy over there and it was very difficult to control himself close to so many innovations. For those who like technology, this is another must-see.
Liked to know these information essential before visiting Taiwan? We did a series of videos on the channel recording everything we did there. Be sure to check it out!

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