What To Take For A Motorhome Trip

What To Take For A Motorhome Trip

Car trips they are always unforgettable. However, motorhome travel can make the experience even more special and remarkable. After all, it is not every day that we ride in a car that will serve as transportation and accommodation. If you intend to take a tour like this, it is necessary to take into account that some things will need to be bought from the outside, as I will explain now.
The rental price of the motorhome depends on several factors such as size, functions available within it and accessories. The size and functions vary according to your destination and the number of people who will be with you. Accessories can be rented as extras and / or purchased outside. These extra items end up leaving the suitcase fuller, so there are two options: take heavier luggage or buy at the same place of travel.
Introduction given, let’s go to objects and products that cannot be left out! Still in the planning phase, make a
travel checklist not to forget to take anything, agreed?


What To Take For A Motorhome Trip

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To call the motorhome bed ultra comfortable would be a lie. Still, it’s a different place to sleep. Not every car has the option of renting bedding. For this reason, take a look at the options calmly. Some prefer to take the sheet, pillowcase and house blanket.
If you are that person, take at least two options for each piece. As much as it takes up space, sleeping well is essential to make the most of the trip. Pillows follow these same rules. For this item, I believe it is better to buy a cheaper one to use only on the days that occupy the vehicle.

Cleaning kit

What To Take For A Motorhome Trip

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It’s always good to give that general cleaning before you start using the motorhome. I recommend that you buy some basic products, both to fix the vehicle beforehand, and also to keep it clean throughout the trip.
Wet wipes are a good stick and solve most problems – especially dust!

Towels and toiletries

What To Take For A Motorhome Trip

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Regarding personal hygiene, be sure to take bath and face towels. You will have to stop at motorhome campsites to bathe and virtually none of them offer this type of service.
Besides that, toilet paper it is another product that cannot be left out of the shopping list. Calculate more or less the amount you will need and buy according to this account, so you don’t have any kind of waste! Motorhome and being sustainable are two things that can – and should – go together ?

Portable Chargers

What To Take For A Motorhome Trip

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Think of the motorhome as a giant cell phone. For a good part of its functions to actually operate, it needs to be loaded. That’s why camping breaks are essential – these are the times when you charge your car battery.
Plugs, for example, only work if the car has sufficient battery power. To avoid possible mishaps, take some portable chargers! They can be useful for both cell phones and cameras.

Map and GPS

What To Take For A Motorhome Trip

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Won’t you want to get lost in the middle of nowhere, in? Always carry a physical map destination, in addition to digital devices such as GPS or the cell phone itself. Some regions have no signal, so it is difficult to use electronics that work over the internet. It would be interesting to also have the trip itinerary printed, so you can know all your stops without depending on the operation of any product.

Kitchen items

What To Take For A Motorhome Trip

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In the motorhome we rented for our trip through New Zealand, the vehicle was already equipped with all kitchen utensils. However, this is not a rule. As I mentioned in the post, it depends on the model and package you choose to rent.
So, you are likely to need basic kitchen items, from dish towels and napkins, to cutlery and plates. Make a list with the name of the objects and buy cheap versions in the market.


What To Take For A Motorhome Trip

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No matter what time of the day: traveling by motorhome means you will need to cook your own meal, or buy something at your favorite restaurant / café. Even if you decide to eat only in restaurants, I recommend that you buy some basic things like gallons of water, snacks and breads.
Remembering that some of these items vary according to the rental “package” chosen by you, ok? Be sure to comment, especially if you have any questions. I’ll leave some post suggestions for more information ?

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