What to take on long flights?
What to take on long flights

What to take on long flights?

Some basic items can make a difference during the flight, especially when it is long or full of stops. In addition to the documents, which I already mentioned in this post, other products are essential to have more comfort at that time.
For those who also love to go well prepared, I decided to list some essential things, in my view, for long flights!

Hot parts


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No matter what the weather is doing in your home city and your destination, bringing comfortable and warm clothes makes all the difference. I’m one of those people who freezes on the plane so I can’t leave the house without a jacket or a thicker scarf, a pair of warm socks and, almost always, a good sweatpants.



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I already told here on the blog (click here to read the post) that a emergency kit it is extremely necessary on a trip. As this is an important item, of course you will leave it in your handbag or purse, right? Remember that the manipulated drugs must be accompanied by medical prescriptions and packaged in clear plastic.
Don’t forget to put medicine for headache, colic and nausea in this kit, see? You never know when the migraine attack will hit or when the food will not go well.

Neck cushion


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You can’t even imagine spending hours on a plane without taking a nap, right? For those hours I need to have that classic neck cushionafter all, I don’t want to get all crooked and sore at my destination.
Of course, to spend a peaceful night you may also need some other items, like the slap ears it’s at eye mask. However, if you are going on a backpacking trip and don’t want to take a lot of stuff and just want to choose one, go with a pillow!



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Airplane food is that thing, right? You never know what to expect and, for the most part, it’s not very good. On a long flight you can’t go hungry, so before you board, how about buying some little snack?
Cereal bars, dried fruit, oil seeds and even that chocolate can be great travel companions. Remember to only buy water and other liquids after checking.



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After being warm, comfortable, painless and well fed, it was time to spend time doing something you like. Sometimes we don’t feel like watching movies or series on the plane’s TV and for those hours it’s always nice to have a book, a kindle, magazines or even a tablet. There is nothing more distressing than watching time go by and having absolutely nothing to do or entertain you.

Honorable mention: personal hygiene items


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It’s obvious that you won’t take a long flight without even taking a toothbrush and toothpaste, right? Logical that required The plane doesn’t need to have many items – remember that it is not allowed to enter liquids with more than 100 ml -, but some basic products still need to go with you.
In addition to oral hygiene items, it is legal to bring an alcohol gel and a moisturizer. Of course, this kit can get bigger depending on your needs. I, for example, like to take makeup wipes, facial soap, lip balm, eye drops … The sky is the limit, right? Haha?

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