what to take to maintain your exercise routine


It doesn’t matter if you travel a lot, a little, for work or for leisure … The point is that the days away from home totally change our routine and with that the regulated diet and physical exercises are often left out.

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As Paulo and I have been traveling more and more in recent years, simple and practical accessories are helping us not to spend so long without practicing physical activities.



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Just by separating some gym clothes in the suitcase you are already preparing yourself psychologically for the exercises at the final destination. It sounds silly, but if I don’t take the appropriate pieces I end up feeling lazy and sometimes I don’t even remember doing any kind of activity.
Always remember to take very light pieces. I do not give up the Dry Fit models, as they are much easier to wash and can be excellent options for those who are carrying little luggage.

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A good pair of sneakers will not only be a great companion for exercising at the hotel or hiking. A cuter model can also be used for outings ? As we usually walk a lot in cities, comfortable and lightweight shoes are always welcome!

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Do you have a full suitcase and don’t think you can put any equipment on? Rope is always a great alternative. You can use it for a warm-up or to do a more intense aerobic workout. In addition to being able to use it in the hotel room, you can go to a park in the region to jump rope. There’s no excuse, right?

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Elastic bands


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Even lighter and more practical than ropes, elastic bands are great options even for those who need to do some “heavier” exercise. Today, there are extremely resistant models on the market and you can use them both in stretches and in high intensity exercises. I use it myself a lot to strengthen my legs ?

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Extenders basically have the same functions as elastic bands. For those who have a little bigger space in the suitcase, I highly recommend this equipment – in addition to helping with leg training, it is great for arm exercises.

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