What You Cannot Miss in New York

What You Cannot Miss in New York

Every destination has traditional snacks and sweets, and the role of every traveler is to fully explore this gastronomic culture. In case of New York, most foods are pretty obvious. After all, who has never heard of the New York hot dog?
As NY is one of the most sought after cities by Brazilians, we couldn’t stop talking about what you need to try there. Let go of fear and experience everything you have the opportunity. Only then will you be able to give an opinion on these foods and say which is the best of all ?


What You Cannot Miss in New York

Photo: Peter Bravo de los Rios

It is not news to anyone that Pizza it is a typical Italian dish. However, the people of New York found a special way to prepare and serve this salty delight. There, the pizza is bigger and the dough thinner. Another distinguishing factor is its texture: not as crunchy as we are used to.
These details in the recipe also change the way people taste pizza: with the slice folded and, of course, with the hand! To visit one of the most traditional pizzerias in the city, just go to the restaurant


What You Cannot Miss in New York

Photo: Tara Evans

With the typical donut shape and toppings that make your mouth water, bagel is a hit for NY. The first recipe for this roll was most likely made in Poland, arriving in the Americas with immigrants. Despite being originally European, the United States is today one of the largest producers of this delight.
The New York touch of authenticity is related to the preparation of the dough. Before being roasted, it is cooked lightly in boiling water. This way, it is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Some say that the best bagels in town are sold by
Ess-a-Bagel and at Black Bagel and Seed. To see if this is true, put these places in the script now!

cheese cake

What You Cannot Miss in New York

Photo: Patrick Selin

Go to New York without tasting cheese cake should be banned. The recipe was traditionally created in Greece, but since it was added to the American menu it has never left. And all this success is not for nothing!
The dessert is based on crushed biscuits and “filling” based on cream cheese or mascarpone. Creamy and full of flavor. To taste this sweet wonder, add patisseries like Two red chickens, Eileen’s Cheesecake or to Junior Cheesecake.

Baked Pretzels

What You Cannot Miss in New York

Photo: David Noscheler

Similar to bagel, the Pretzel it also has a European origin. Still, it has been part of New York cuisine for more than 150 years. The dough is salty and looks like a roll, being sold in carts scattered across the street. As it is very affordable and very tasty, people end up not resisting and buying one to taste while walking.

Egg cream

What You Cannot Miss in New York

Photo: @imbibe

New York also has traditional drinks! THE egg cream it is nothing more than milk mixed with carbonated water and a syrup that is usually flavored with chocolate or vanilla. That is, no egg in the preparation, as suggested by the name.
The classic drink needs to be very cold when consumed, and the froth cannot be left out. Some of the places in town that sell the drink are
Shopsin’s, an Eddie’s Candy Store it’s the Brooklyn Farmacy.

Hot dog

What You Cannot Miss in New York

Photo: Jay Wennington

Another salty originated from the traditions of another country! Influenced mainly by German cuisine, the hot dog of New York has five main elements: bread, sausage, ketchup, mustard and sauerkraut. All of these elements make up one of the most consumed foods in the city, not only for the flavor but also for the speed of preparation. Especially because everyone in NY is always in a hurry.
For being a type of street food, several stalls specializing in the sale of hot dogs are scattered throughout the city. But, if you still want a direction of which places are best recommended, here is a short list: Crif Dogs, Nathan’s Famous and Gray papaya.


What You Cannot Miss in New York

Photo: Basil and Bubbly

Typically Jewish, the pastrami it has become one of New York’s most beloved delicacies. To prepare this meat, it needs to be marinated for days, roasted and, finally, smoked. That is, the flavor is intense and well concentrated. If you want to eat a good pastrami sandwich, put the Katz’s Deli, The Harry and Ida’s it’s the Mile End.


What You Cannot Miss in New York

Photo: Plush Design Studio

Mini dumplings, also called cup cakes, became a fever for various places around the world. Their fashion may have waned in some places, but cupcakes still have space in the windows of New York patisseries.
As this is already a dessert known to you, we will not even explain how it is made. After all, there are several
sweet recipes here on the website. To taste a very classic cupcake, just go to Magnolia Bakery, an Two red chickens or in Georgetown Cupcake.
I want to see everyone tasting it and sharing the experience with us on Instagram @nocedanielle!

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