What You Cannot Stop Doing in Boston
What you cannot stop doing in boston

What You Cannot Stop Doing in Boston

Boston is the kind of place that in just a few days you can get to know almost all the main attractions. It is one of the oldest cities in the United States, so one of the tours that you will do most there will be visits to historic buildings.
In addition to older buildings, Boston also has some more modern and contemporary parts. As it is a super nice place to spend the day walking, most things can be done on foot or using public transport when necessary. If you want to know some must-see tours to do in the city, just read the tips that I will tell you now ?

Boston Public Library

Photo: Gal Meets Glam

Starting the tips with a historic building! The Boston Public Library was founded in 1848 and is now considered a national historic monument. It is one of the oldest municipal libraries in the country, so several pieces from the collection are rare and historic.
In addition to having an incredible collection, BPL architecture is one of the things that most delight its regulars and visitors. It is huge and has several lounges, including a charming garden in one of its external parts. It is worth spending time exploring its corners and taking a break at the local cafe.

Institute of Contemporary Art

Photo: FeedYeti

Despite being a small museum, the ICA is a very pleasant space. It has a very different and modern architecture, and one of its rooms is covered by glass. The view from the museum is incredible, looking out over Boston Harbor, a natural estuary in the region.
Some say that the museum’s architecture is more interesting than the works of art themselves. However, if you enjoy contemporary and modern art, you will also enjoy the exhibitions. The space is also widely used for cultural performances in general, such as music and dance. If you want to know a little about their calendar, just click here.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Photo: @saamangka

Another museum worth visiting is the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. It has a wonderful central garden and the rooms are pure history. Each “hall” of the museum is full of paintings, furniture and various super old objects. Among the famous artists exhibited there are Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Raphael and Botticelli.
One of the most interesting facts about this museum is that it was the target of one of the most mysterious thefts of works of art. The theft happened in 1990 and to this day no one knows where the equivalent of $ 500 million worth of artwork is. In fact, they are offering $ 10 million to anyone who has information to help unravel the mystery. It is worth taking a look at history to try to discover something, right?

Harvard Yard

Photo: Michael McCue

Harvard is the dream of many students around the world. Many people are curious to know the place, as it is considered one of the best universities in the world. That is, if you are in the region, do not let the opportunity pass. It is in Cambridge, a very small city and very close to Boston.
Harvard Yard is like the center of the place and is the best starting point for you to stroll through the other spaces. One of the only problems is that most university environments are closed for visits. Still, it is very interesting to see your surroundings and observe the students’ routine a little!

Trinity Church

Photo: Library of Congress

One of Boston’s top landmarks is Trinity Church. Her exterior is beautiful, but her interior is even more surprising. The environment is surrounded by wonderful murals and stained glass. Architect Henry Hobson Richardson created a super original blend of shapes, colors and textures.
If you enjoy taking guided tours, it is worth taking the tour offered by the church itself. It costs $ 10 (June / 2018) for adults! Ah, on Sundays the tour is free, so you can plan to visit the church that day of the week. Further information about the types of tours is available on their website.

Fenway Park


Baseball is one of America’s favorite sports. We, as Brazilians, don’t usually understand the rules of the game, but it’s really fun to watch a game. If you want to have this opportunity, just go to Fenway Park. It is the oldest baseball stadium in the Major League and is home to the Boston Red Sox.
In addition to the option of watching a game there, you can also take a tour just to see the field and other parts of the stadium. It’s a really cool ride for those who enjoy sports and are curious to see a baseball stadium! If you want to buy the ticket for the tour just click here ?

Skywalk Observatory

Photo: Travel and leisure

One of my favorite tours on every trip is to go somewhere high to have a broader view of the city. In Boston, for example, you can do this at the Skywalk Observatory, which is on the 50th floor of the Prudential Center. If you pay 20 dollars to go to the lookout, you will have a 360º view of the city.
Many people find it silly to spend money on this type of tour, but it is worth it for those who enjoy this type of sight. Another option is to have a drink at the Top of the Hub, which is on the 52nd floor of the same building. The view is the same, but you will have limited tables and spaces with objects in front of the glass.

Freedom Trail

Photo: @chernushka

The Freedom Trail is a path of about 4.5 km traced along the city. It is all marked by a line of red bricks on the floor, which take you to 16 different Boston landmarks. You won’t even need a map to follow the right path, as it’s super easy to navigate the bricks.
The tour can even be done in a single day, but I recommend at least two days so that you can stop at each point and walk slowly. Churches, shops, markets and even a cemetery will be part of your itinerary ?
In the middle of so many walks, it is always good to stop to eat, right? I made a post full of amazing restaurant tips around Boston, be sure to take a look at it too!

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