What you can’t miss on your Christmas

What you can't miss on your Christmas

Christmas is coming and here are some tips of what can not be missing from your celebration:

Nice food

Beautiful Sintra Supper
Who doesn’t want a hearty supper, full of delights? Eat without guilt !! It is not a night that will ruin your diet! There are so many great things that we only do once a year that it’s hard not to try everything a little! And everything has to have a special drink to accompany it, right?

Spectacular desserts


Photo – ICFD

Not for nothing, but you can make every delight at Christmas! Want inspirations? In my channel there are many delicious and beautiful! Always decorate with red fruits, it’s the face of Christmas!

Pleasant environment


Photo – Digs Digs

In addition to the Christmas decoration, a pleasant atmosphere always has good music! Prefer the calmer ones and try to make an eclectic selection that you know will please that uncle of yours, your mother … It is a delight when in the middle of the conversation we stop and listen to our favorite music, right? It doesn’t have to be those Christmas classics – only if it’s your family’s tradition!

Wonderful table


Photo – Couture Ventsca

I’m suspicious to talk about it, but nothing more incredible than a beautiful table, with hand-picked crockery to celebrate such a special date! I already showed you several options here! There are always some ornaments left to make a beautiful arrangement!

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