What you can’t miss when you go to Rome

What you can't miss when you go to Rome

Rome is that kind of city that conquers you at first sight, you know? In addition to being beautiful, the aroma of restaurants invades the streets and makes us feel a constant desire to go out and taste all the sweet and savory foods.
With that in mind, we have selected five typical Rome dishes to share with you. To make the post more diverse, we chose both desserts as well as savory. That way, everyone can find something delicious to enjoy there ?

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Spaghetti alla Carbonara
Starting the post in the best possible way: talking about the Carbonara! The traditional spaghetti is served with a cream based on eggs, water, pecorino cheese, parmesan, black pepper and bacon. However, the dish’s complements vary according to each restaurant. There in the restaurant eggs, for example, some of the side dishes are truffles, artichokes and tuna.
Another classic mass of the region is the cheese and pepper. In this case, the sauce is prepared with pecorino cheese, black pepper and a little bit of the water cooking sauce. The difference of this dish is the spicy and delicacy of the flavor, super authentic and fragrant!



Photo: Jessica Tom

Not everyone knows, but the Pizza it was actually created by the Egyptians. Anyway, it remains one of the strengths of Italian and Roman cuisine. The pasta and sauce have been refined over time, so Italy wins the credit most of the time.
As much as you want to eat a classic round pizza, I recommend that you also taste the dough of the Bonci Pizzarium. It was in this place that I ate one of the best pizza doughs of my life, in addition to enjoying a super tasty filling.



Photo: Sal e Vento

Although not a very famous typical Rome food, the suppli is a delicious breaded and fried rice cake. The filling is usually chicken, tomato sauce and cheese. Despite the shape of a croquette, the recipe is traditionally Roman.
If you want to eat a dumpling full of flavor and super crispy, it’s worth taking a stroll through torment. They usually cost approximately 3 euros – a fair amount considering the taste and preparation of the dough.

Ice cream

ice cream
The classic Italian gelatos could not be left out of the list. After all, they are part of every tourist’s route to Rome. Here on the website, for example, you find a special post with the five

best ice cream in Rome (and the top five ice cream parlors!).
Take the opportunity to taste different and regional flavors. At I need, be sure to try the pistachio di bronte and the zabaglione. The Theater Ice Cream, one of the most famous in the city, sells a surreal ice cream with four chocolates.
Oh, and the most interesting of the Italian gelaterias is that many of the flavors are seasonal. For this reason, enjoy these more unique and rare flavors.


We’ve already talked about several

italian desserts here, but tiramisù remains one of the most famous sweets in the country. I believe that everyone must have already tasted at least one variation of this dessert in life, basically composed of champagne cookies, mascarpone cheese and coffee shop.
Elegant, creamy and unctuous, this is that sweet that fills your mouth with flavor and makes you sigh. To eat a good tiramisù I recommend going to Urban 47 – a very cool and charming restaurant in the city.


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