What You Can’t Stop Doing!

What You Can't Stop Doing!

We Brazilians tend to concentrate tourism in the south, southeast and northeast regions. However, the other areas of the country are just as incredible and deserve more visits. For this reason we are here: to encourage those who know us to explore the other areas of our beautiful Brazil.
Manaus, for example, is the cradle of an incredible culture, with passionate flavors, colors and places. Even if you spend little time in the city and then explore other areas of the Amazon, the trip is still unforgettable. With that in mind, we set up a two-day itinerary around the city so you can get to know all the most important things there!
What You Can't Stop Doing!


First of all, it is necessary to define the stay to rest. After all, to enjoy all the tours we need to be energetic. Our recommendation is the Hotel Villa Amazônia, located in the city center. In addition to being super cozy and with a beautiful outdoor area, the hotel’s restaurant is great!
Having that defined, let’s go on the tours. Start the day with
Adolpho Lisbon Municipal Market, the perfect place to get to know the typical ingredients of the region and taste some typical delicacies of the city. Even though it does not have so many fruit stalls, the space also receives craft stores.
Then, head towards
Manaus Modern Fair. The place opens early and usually closes in the middle of the afternoon, so don’t leave this tour until after lunch. At this fair, you have the opportunity to sample even more natural ingredients and products. Fruits like tucumã and genipapo are all available to buy and try.

What You Can't Stop Doing!

Photo: Krishnam Moosaddee

As a lunch suggestion, the Bank! It is one of the best recommended in the city, so you cannot leave it out of the script. The ingredients are all local, like the shrimp with tucupi broth and the jambu leaf, or the tambaqui rib.
Continuing the tour schedule, go to the
IN PA – National Amazon Research Institute. The place works at very specific times, so be sure to schedule well according to the hours of visit to the institute. The space functions as a research center and also for rescuing injured animals or outside their natural habitat. As soon as they are recovered, the animals return to nature!
If you’re still excited to see another place, go to the
Walter Rayol Municipal Market. Like Adolpho Lisboa, it is ideal for those who like to know the ingredients of the local cuisine. If you prefer to visit a place related to handicrafts, just go to Amazon Gallery. Oh, and this tip is valid from Monday to Saturday, because the gallery does not open on Sundays.
As everything around Manaus closes very early, enjoy the end of the day by taking advantage of the hotel’s facilities. There in
Villa Amazônia, for example, the pool is wonderful. In addition, you can dine in the hotel’s own restaurant – the Bistro Fitz Carraldo. The space is very charming and their food is delicious.


To start the second day getting to know a different region of Manaus, plan a trip to Novo Airão. Some companies offer this adventure, such as In Cantos da Amazônia.
Through this region you can see the dolphins, the strips of white sand and other natural beauty of the area. And don’t miss the Meeting of the Waters – Rio Negro and Rio Solimões. In addition to the colors being different, the temperature also changes dramatically.

What You Can't Stop Doing!

Photo: John Peters

Before that, stop by the bakery Lindopan. They make a delicious X-Caboquinho, perfect for those who love that well-reinforced breakfast. At lunchtime, go to the restaurant Rainha da Selva. The place is on a float and they sell a very well-seasoned and full of flavor tambaqui – well worth a try!
In the afternoon, it is worth taking a stroll through the
Amazon Museum and at Amazonas Theater. The two spaces are beautiful, interesting and tell a little about the history of local culture. The museum closes at 4pm, so you have to be careful with the time. And, from Tuesday to Saturday, the theater usually operates until 5 pm.

What You Can't Stop Doing!

Photo: Karine Hermes

Anyone who wants to take a break between tours in the afternoon can have a snack at Café Regional Priscila. The meals are all very simple, like tapioca and cornmeal cake. However, they are still full of flavor.
Ending at 48h in Manaus, have dinner at the restaurant The lumberjack, which is one of the most typical in the city. They serve regional and exotic foods, so be prepared to find many different dishes.


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