What you need to know about Dagestan

What you need to know about Dagestan

THE Dagestan it is not an easily accessible region – mainly for foreign tourists, as was my case and Paulo’s. If you, like us, want to visit an area further away from the great Russian centers, this may not be the most suitable Republic. To give you an idea, many of the places we visited even needed government authorization to enter.
Not to mention the fact that it is essential to go with a local guide to various regions – we, for example, went with Alina, who is Russian and speaks Portuguese, but we still had to meet with local guides to visit the most remote places. It is not cheap or easy, however, we wanted to know and show those who follow the channel / website a different and unusual place in the country.
As I told you in this post, Dagestan is a multicultural region and that for a long time was considered the most dangerous in Europe. Tourism there is still very recent (it was “open” to the public just over 2 years ago) and that is why the areas are so restricted.
Even with all the care and support that we could have, we still went through some hardships there. Our second day in the region started with a visit to the fair (which, by the way, was one of the biggest I have ever visited) and then a long trip to Dagestan Nature Reserve.

What you need to know about Dagestan

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Our first stop over there was the Sarykum Dune, the highest in Europe. It’s not the most amazing look we saw on the tour, but it was still cool to discover some local stories and legends that we tell in the video ?
From there, we went for the second tour of the Canyon Wetland. The view from the top of the mountain to the river Sulak alone is wonderful, but I have to say that the boat ride was the coolest part. We went in the spring, but in the summer the experience is even more interesting because the boat enters even narrower passages that we can’t do walking.
What you need to know about Dagestan

Of course, hunger hit after so many hours of road and walking, right? We ate close to the river, with the family of one of our guides. It was a delicious barbecue of sturgeon and lamb (for those who eat meat) and eggplant and mushrooms for vegetarians ? The staff was super nice and we ended up spending the rest of the day there, talking and eating very well!
What you need to know about Dagestan

The biggest problem, however, was the night when our car just crashed in the middle of the road. You already imagine my despair, right? We ended up arriving in Gunib (our destination city) much later than we would like and ended up in the most bizarre hotel / house possible in the middle of the night. The place was so surreal that they had pots under each bed, really!
I’m sure that after learning a little more about our day in Dagestan you were curious! The complete vlog is down here and more videos are already on the channel ?

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