What you need to know before going to Panama City
What you need to know before going to panama city

What you need to know before going to Panama City

Panama is an excellent destination option in Central America, after all, in addition to the beautiful natural landscapes, the country mixes new and old buildings and has great restaurant alternatives. Panama City is the capital of the country and has all these characteristics. So, if you are planning a trip to the country just because of the beautiful islands in the region, also be sure to visit some points of the capital.
Like the idea? I have separated some important tips for those who are thinking about the trip or want to “extend” the scale for a few days and enjoy more of what the city has to offer!

When to go

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Panama has a tropical climate and rains most months. The driest season there is between December and April. As the rain hinders many tours, especially because most of them are outdoors, give preference to travel in this time of “little” rain. Although the prices are lower in the other months, it doesn’t pay so much because of the tours, right?


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You do not need a visa to enter the country, just a passport valid for up to 3 months! As in other countries, also bring proof that you have the means to stay during your stay in the country and, of course, round-trip air tickets. Ah, ideally, you should be vaccinated against yellow fever and bring an international voucher.


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The location of the accommodation depends a lot on how you want your trip. If you prefer to stay in the most modern part of the city, the best hotel options are in the area of ​​Avenida Balboa, in El Cangrejo or Marbella. If you want to stay in older buildings that refer to the typical buildings in the city, look for a hotel near Casco Viejo. In this second case, you will be close to most tourist attractions ?


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Public transport is a good option for those who do not want to rent a car. The subway is not as efficient because it doesn’t take you to many places, but the bus is a good and cheap option. Even with these alternatives, car rental is still the best option, especially if you want to travel to places close to Panama City. If you choose to tour very well, you can hire a tour agency there or even go by taxi, but we always prefer to go with more autonomy.


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The cuisine in Panama is full of international influences and very rich in relation to the variety of foods and local ingredients. As you might expect, seafood is the basis of Panamanian cuisine. They even have a large market specializing in this type of food: Mercado del Marisco.
In addition, fruits and salads are super fresh and tasty! Be sure to try a dish with the fruits there, I think you will not regret it. Whoever wants to know some of the best restaurants in the city just click here.


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Panama City is very popular for shopping, as is Miami. The best place for those who want to save a little is Metromall – the mall is huge and full of shopping options. Now, if you want to go to more expensive and designer stores, go to Multiplaza to find them. It is worth mentioning that the tax on products is not included in the price of the labels, so at the time of payment the value will be more expensive, okay?


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The tours around Panama City are surprising and several of them are very interesting for those who like history. Casco Viejo, for example, is full of old buildings that make the region charming and unique. Those who like more modern buildings will also have something to know in the Punta Pacifica area. I have already made two posts with some sightseeing tips, one about tourist attractions and the other with interesting neighborhoods and buildings ? It is worth taking a look before traveling, see?
Who doesn’t like a tropical destination, with good shopping and beautiful scenery? Panama is a great option, right? Soon you will be able to check out more tips about the country. Stay tuned here on the website and channel ?

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