What You Need to Know Before Going to the Philippines

What You Need to Know Before Going to the Philippines

What is not lacking for our planet are paradisiacal destinations. At Philippines, for example, are only a portion of that category. Because they are islands with such incredible natural beauty, they attract tourists from all over the world during the year. The archipelago, formed by more than 7 thousand islands (yes, all that!), Is located in the Southeast Asia. Despite being composed of so many islands, the 11 largest end up representing most of the territory.
For you to better understand the composition of the islands, I will explain how to locate yourself there. The archipelago has three divisions / groups:
Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Manila, which is the country’s capital, is in Luzon. The islands most sought after by tourists are in Mindanao. Now that you know the basics about the location, let’s move on to more specific information ?

When to go

What You Need to Know Before Going to the Philippines

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The climate in the Philippines is tropical. Therefore, they have basically two seasons during the year: the dry and the wet. Usually the time of the year when it rains less is between the months of November and May, so the period between those months is considered the best to get to know the region. Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that the climate on the islands will not always be the same!
Another important factor to be taken into account is that from July to September the chances of typhoons occurring are greater. In addition, January and February have milder temperatures. That is, if you are that person who loves the heat, avoid traveling in those months.

How to get

What You Need to Know Before Going to the Philippines

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As the country’s capital, Manila is the gateway to the Philippines. Take the opportunity to take a tour of the city before embarking to the next destination. If you want to get an idea of ​​the value of the tickets, click here. After arriving in Manila, you will need to take a flight to reach the most tourist islands. Domestic flights are usually cheaper, so don’t be so scared by the cost of tickets to Manila.

Where to stay

What You Need to Know Before Going to the Philippines

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With so many accommodation options, it is even difficult to decide where to stay in the Philippines. One of the busiest and busiest areas is Palawan, which has hotels like Astoria and El Nido Resorts Pangulasian Island.
Other alternatives that are also very worthwhile are Boracay or Panglao. For these two places, two of the best accommodations are Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa and Eskaya Resort. Each island has a different characteristic, so do a lot of research on each one before making a final decision.

Local currency

What You Need to Know Before Going to the Philippines

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Go prepared to make the most cash payments! Although some establishments accept credit and debit cards, this is not the rule for most. For this reason, reserve a good amount to be able to make both small and large payments, going from food to stay.
NOTE: The official currency of the region is the Philippine peso. Currently (January / 2019), R $ 1.00 corresponds on average an $ 14.00.


What You Need to Know Before Going to the Philippines

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We have one thing in common with Philippine cuisine: they also use rice as a base for most meals. Almost all main meals are served with this ingredient, which is usually accompanied with chicken, seafood or pork.
If you enjoy fruit full of flavor, be sure to also try the Philippine mango. It is slightly smaller than the mango we found in Brazil, but with two major advantages: it is usually sweeter and with less fibers or “lint”. Consequently, the fruit is used for both juices and desserts.

Getting around

What You Need to Know Before Going to the Philippines

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Manila’s transportation system is similar to the means of any big city. Overall, car and public transport apps work well there. However, the smaller cities do not yet have an efficient system, each of which has developed a different transport system.
One of the most common means of transport there is tricycles. In addition to them, there are also motorbikes and boats. Oh, and go prepared to walk a lot. The payment for the races can be made both according to the distance covered and also by the number of minutes or hours.

Top destinations

What You Need to Know Before Going to the Philippines

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The most complicated part of putting together a tour of the Philippines is deciding which places to visit. The options are numerous and they are all beautiful. One of the most tourist islands in the region is Boracay. All its fame is not for nothing, since the sand is super white and the beaches are wonderful. The sunset seen from this area is also a must do!
For different sights, go to Palawan. There are beautiful lakes and scenery that seem to have come out of a dream. Cebu is also another place that cannot be left out of your route. The crystalline waters of the place and the waterfalls are simply surreal.
Ready to start planning an unforgettable trip through the Philippines? I promise that this destination will be amazing and will provide you with wonderful experiences ?

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