What you need to know before you go to Las Vegas

What you need to know before you go to Las Vegas

Las Vegas, famous for its casinos and bustling nightlife, is one of the most popular destinations for party enthusiasts. Tourism on the spot grows more and more and, for this reason, entertainment in the city has become more varied. Paulo and I had a lot of fun over there and even risked some bets that obviously came to nothing!
For those who are planning a trip to Vegas, know that you can really enjoy the region without risking your dollars in games. There are several options for shows, restaurants, hotel attractions and also nature tours, such as the Grand Canyon. I will present you some details that will make a difference on your visit to Vegas and give some fundamental tips algumas


What you need to know before you go to Las Vegas

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A great option is the Hotel Encore. It is considered one of the most luxurious in the world and forms a complex together with Wynn. The accommodations and environments of the two hotels are perfect for experiencing the atmosphere of Las Vegas: decorated and luxurious, but in their case, with more refinement. The structure of the place has a swimming pool, shopping mall, golf course, clubs and casinos. It really is a world apart!
Accommodation prices are below the table, compared to other hotels of the same style in tourist cities in the USA. The intention of charging a lower price is not for nothing: they want you to stay with the greatest comfort in the world and spend most of your time spending in the restaurants and casinos that are within the hotel itself.

Hotel Attractions

What you need to know before you go to Las Vegas

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Las Vegas hotels provide incredible experiences and the attractions are varied. At the Bellagio, for example, there is the classic fountain show and it is also possible to visit the botanical garden and conservatory. Other Las Vegas landmarks that are part of hotels are the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, from Hotel Paris.
I was amazed at how each of these places has so much luxury and things totally out of the ordinary. The atmosphere of the place changes completely according to the decor!

When to go

What you need to know before you go to Las Vegas

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Between June and August the climate in Vegas is extremely hot and dry. At other times of the year the weather is more pleasant, but to avoid queues and overcrowded hotels it is important to pay attention to local holidays such as Valentine’s Day, in February, and Thanksgiving, in November. As Las Vegas is festive all year long, I’m sure you’ll have fun in any season!
Ah, still talking about the weather, as the weather in the city is very hot and dry, you need to drink a lot of water and natural juices to avoid getting dehydrated or feeling sick. Also, don’t forget to iron the sunscreen and wear suitable and comfortable clothes ?


What you need to know before you go to Las Vegas

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Of course, casinos are very popular in the city. Poker tables, roulette wheels and slot machines promise the player a good amount of money if he makes the right bet, but winning is extremely rare. Casinos want you to spend as much money as possible, so they offer a variety of promotions and offers. It is for these and others that you need to be careful about money, because although it seems that we are not spending too much when betting small amounts, the end result can be very bad.
Now for that personal tip: we don’t really like some casinos, like Paris Las Vegas. The most interesting thing we found about him was the Eiffel Tower, which can be seen from the outside. The Flamingo Las Vegas casino is simpler compared to the others, but Paulo and I don’t like it because they keep flamingos in front of the hotel, in a small space and outside their natural environment. It pity the animals, right?
Even though I’m not a born gambler, I think anyone in Las Vegas needs to know at least one casino. Admission is only for people over 21, see?

Grand Canyon

What you need to know before you go to Las Vegas
One of the tours I most enjoyed doing was, for sure, flying over the Grand Canyon by helicopter. The place is one of the seven natural wonders of the world: the grandiose landscape is composed of giant rocks with fascinating shapes that reach up to 1,800 meters deep. It is located away from downtown Las Vegas and the closest part is west of the Grand Canyon. Some companies that carry out the tour are Grand Canyon West and Papillon.
Paulo and I do not give up nature tours and, if you are like us, this is an excellent option in Vegas!

The Strip and Freemont Street

What you need to know before you go to Las Vegas

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The Strip is a stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard known worldwide for being a street full of luxury and glamor – of course everything Vegas-style. It kind of represents Las Vegas today, elegant and modern, unlike Freemont Street. On this second street, you get in touch with the city as it used to be, finding the oldest and most classic casinos.
Today, Las Vegas’ main attractions are located on the Strip, with escalators, numerous bars and hotels. Some places exaggerate the decor, but that’s the spirit of the city, right? Just join their wave and enjoy this unique place!


What you need to know before you go to Las Vegas

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You have certainly seen a movie that shows a classic wedding celebrated by Elvis Presley in Vegas, right? This is more common than we think! Several couples decide to hold their union or renew their vows in the city. Eccentric chapels and Elvis Presley as master of ceremonies are the hallmarks of weddings held there.
For the union to have legal validity, it is necessary to fill an online form and go to a local registry with a passport. The process is much faster than in Brazil and the fun of getting married in Las Vegas is guaranteed ?


What you need to know before you go to Las Vegas

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One of the most impressively decorated restaurants I have ever visited was the Hotel Wynn buffet: the place looks like the setting for the movie Alice in Wonderland. It is worth the visit to know the local ornaments and ornaments, although the food is not the best thing in the world. I also recommend Hotel Bellagio’s restaurant, Momofuku Milk Bar (which I have already visited in New York) and Bardot Brasserie – all three have delicious options.

Take a ride on the Hight Roller

What you need to know before you go to Las Vegas

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The High Roller is the largest ferris wheel in the world and the views from your cabins’ windows are wonderful. It is over 160 meters high and the cabins are made of glass and illuminated by colored lights. Each gondola has a capacity of 40 people and the tour lasts around half an hour. For the experience to be even more remarkable, it is nice to go close to the sunset time: the view is incredible!

Concerts and shows

What you need to know before you go to Las Vegas

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Cirque Du Soleil shows are known worldwide, and in Las Vegas, several of them take place. The most popular show is the so-called “O”, which takes place at the Hotel Bellagio, and the presentation even involves water tanks. There are several shows and the price is cheaper than in Brazil, so it ends up being a great opportunity ?
In addition to them, there are other shows, such as the famous Blue Man Group and the V – The Ultimate Variety Show. It is interesting to look, before traveling, the list of shows that are happening in the city while you will be staying, so that you can program yourself properly!
Who’s crazy about Vegas? Click here to watch the vlogs we did there and start planning the trip!

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