What You Need To Know For Your Cake To Be Perfect!


What do you need to know for your cake to be perfect?
By Roberta Costa Ribas – from Curitiba

Hello girls how are you??
I ask for permission to go into the subject because I remember a few more items that can make a difference. =)
I have always been self-taught and that is why I suffered and I sometimes suffer from recipes. Even what seems so simple may not work. It’s part of it, but by making mistakes we learn some things, right? ?
Always take these precautions mentioned by Dani and more:
– Make sure the ingredients are fresh, especially:
* YEAST – It makes a difference. The yeast test (besides being valid, claaaaro), is done by putting a little powder on a spoon or surface and then pour a few drops of water. It should bubble like an effervescent! If it doesn’t bubble or bubble too little, it’s bad, better not use it.
* EGGS – Egg that has expired or is about to expire can ruin your recipe!
– The oven must BE PRE-HEATED. Cold oven does not bake anything perfectly. There needs to be thermal shock for the dough to grow beautiful. Thermal shock is of great importance and relevance! Especially pasta that takes a lot of fat (dough for pie crust, croissants, puff pastry … etc) need to be ‘almost’ frozen (well chilled) to be baked and to keep in shape.
Otherwise, the fat melts fast and what remains is a dough with a smeared appearance, misshapen with pure fat taste, losing the characteristic crunchiness.
– NEVER open the oven for the first 20 minutes. If you have airflow (near the door, window) even worse. Hold your curiosity! hehehehe
– Too much oil or milk (there are people who use it) can make the dough too heavy, causing it not to bake completely.
– Lastly…. it may seem silly, but whoever is a cook knows that it is an alchemy !! Any alchemy made for the best of intentions (as it should be for the kitchen) must start from the one who is also in good energy. What I mean is, just go to the kitchen if you’re comfortable with life! lol
I’m sure this item is not part of your case specifically Elaine! It’s another reminder !!!
My grandmother and I believe that yours also said … food is good if it is made with love. So nothing to go to the angry, moody kitchen, etc … because it doesn’t really fit and it is very likely that something goes out of the expected.
Big kiss!

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