What’s The Best Way To Get Around In Los Angeles?

What's The Best Way To Get Around In Los Angeles?

All the fame of Los Angeles is not for nothing. The region is really beautiful, with breathtaking landscapes and super charming streets at every corner. It’s like you’re walking all the time Pinterest, You know?
As it is a huge city, it is essential to know the means of transport used to explore the destination. The distance between the sights, for example, is quite large. Therefore, do not go on thinking that you will be able to do everything on foot.
Taking this into account, let’s give an overview of the most used means of transport in LA. Then, just decide which one you prefer and start planning which will be the main tours passeios


The angels

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It is quite obvious that renting a car to visit Los Angeles is one of the most practical and comfortable options. However, whoever chooses this option will have to be very patient in dealing with the Traffic local. Like all big cities, the movement on the streets is frantic and, for the most part, chaotic.
With that in mind, always plan your itinerary by giving greater time intervals between each tour. After all, you never know how the city’s traffic will be. In addition, having a good GPS is essential to get to places without getting lost. As well as the streets are well signposted, it is very easy to get confused. Oh, and be sure to count the amount you spend on parking – you’ll most likely need it.
OBS: who has doubts about documentation and how to rent a car abroad, just take a look
next post.


subway in los angeles

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Some say that the Los Angeles subway is bad. It may not have a very long route, however it stops at some of the main tourist spots in the city. Even with few lines, the ones that work stop, for example, the Hall of Fame, Downtown it’s the Griffith Park.
And anyone who is afraid of getting lost can rest easy! The lines are all well signposted and organized. To feel more secure, just download some
travel app have the maps and follow your route.


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Unlike the subway, with little coverage, Los Angeles bus lines run through virtually every street in the city. The disadvantage of this mode of transport is that escaping traffic is also difficult. Still, you spend a lot less than renting a car.
To know exactly which bus to take and the correct stopping point, I recommend that you download the Moovit. It shows you the best options and still tracks you all the way. Before you go, just don’t forget to study the names of each line. They rely on Metro Rapid it’s the Trace!

Taxi or Uber

The angels

Photo: Nathan Dumlao

While large cities like New York have a large supply of taxis, this is not the case in Los Angeles. Because it is a very large city and with places of interest far from each other, they are very dispersed. In other words, don’t even think about relying on a taxi.
An alternative for those who need a quick run is to use the Uber. Just be careful not to be surprised by the final value of the race. As I said in the post, LA transit is not for everyone ?


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