When Is It Worth Hiring Professional Help?

When Is It Worth Hiring Professional Help?

Each type of trip requires a different type of planning. Whoever has a free spirit, for example, prefers to explore the place alone and without the help of a professional. However, even these people may need the help of a tour guide depending on the destination.
In addition to providing historical and cultural information about the place, they help travelers to get to know the region better. Still, if you are in doubt about whether or not to hire a guide, here are five guidelines to consider before making the final decision ?


When Is It Worth Hiring Professional Help?

new Zealand

First-time travelers and people looking to go to exotic places often feel a greater need to hire a tour guide. In the first case, the person may feel insecure – especially when the local language is not our native language.
Now, when it comes to an exotic place, the reason is different. In addition to the different language, the tours end up being more varied when planned by a guide. In the Douro Valley, for example, the company Douro First takes tourists to places little known to tourists. The same goes for destinations like Jordan it’s at Russia!

Cost benefit

trip to russia
Since you are hiring the services of a person, you will obviously have to pay extra for this. Group guides are usually cheaper, but this is not always the best option. After all, each person has their time. Some prefer to spend hours inside a museum, while others see the works quickly and already want to leave for the next stop.
To prevent this from happening, try to look for guides who take private tours or in very small groups. They will have a higher value, but the cost-benefit is better. Oh, and be sure to search for reviews about the company and the professionals who work at it first, okay?


camel ride through the Wadi Rum desert
English and Spanish are considered basic languages, but not everyone has the opportunity to learn them. Therefore, communication is a little more complicated for those who do not speak any of these languages.
In some places, not even these two languages ​​make life easier for Brazilians. In Russia, for example, few people speak English. At these times, the help of a guide is essential for various activities, from understanding the menu of a restaurant to knowing how to get around the city without being able to read signs and notices.

Specific tours

boat trip on the Douro River
Still reluctant to hire a tour guide? So, consider professional help only for specific tours. Let’s take a very practical example. In New Zealand, one of the most different tours is to drive around

Canyon Road Skippers – considered as one of the most dangerous roads in the world.
Precisely because it is a difficult path, the help of a guide along the entire route is highly recommended. So, evaluate your needs according to the tours you want to do!

Non-conventional guide

typical home cooking experience in Russia
Another very interesting option for those who wrinkle their nose to conventional guides is to hire a person to search for

Airbnb Experiences. How it works? You choose the type of tour according to the categories: nature, gastronomy, shows, sports and so on.
Local residents offer these services to tourists, giving an even more local view of the destination. Best of all, these experiences are not usually expensive and can almost always be canceled.
So, are you the type who likes tour guides? Tell us about your experiences here!

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