When to See a Doctor Period: These 5 signs can indicate health problems

When to See a Doctor Period: These 5 signs can indicate health problems

Your period says a lot about your health. But you also have to know how to interpret them. We’ll tell you which signs of your period can be an indication of health problems.

During your period, you are often tired, hungry, and in a bad mood. This is all so far normal and is mainly related to the hormone fluctuations during your cycle. However, there are also some symptoms that can indicate a problem. We’ll show you which incidents you should watch more closely.

Do these symptoms occur during your period?

Blood clot

The menstrual period is a mixture of uterine lining and blood. If there is no pregnancy, the mucous membrane dissolves. During a particularly heavy period, however, the blood flows so quickly that the mucous membrane is often excreted with it and becomes visible in the form of blood clots. It is perfectly normal and not to be concerned if this happens every now and then. However, if this happens with every period, you should see your doctor for an examination. Blood clots can be an indication of endometriosis, hormonal changes or miscarriages, as a doctor explains to the online magazine “women’s health”.

Strong period

Many women suffer from heavy periods that limit their daily lives. As soon as the tampon has to be changed more than every two hours, a heavy menstrual period can be assumed. Heavy bleeding can have various causes, so you should consult a doctor. Inflammations in the uterus or fallopian tubes, hormonal disorders, polyps, endometriosis or uterine cancer, for example, can be responsible, reports the portal “Gesundheitsinformation.de”.

Period is too long

The average length of a period is five days. If your period is longer than seven days, it is unusually long. Those affected suffer from fatigue, circulatory problems, anemia and sometimes also from iron deficiency. Causes can be benign muscle growth in the uterus, endometriosis, polyps, inflammation or uterine cancer. If you have a long period regularly or every time, you should get a medical exam.

By the way: You should avoid this during your period!


Monthly cycle
9 things to avoid during your period

Every month again … the ladies of creation have to show their nerves. Because they get visitors from their days, during which they should pay attention to various things. After all, nobody wants to experience a (in this case) red miracle …

Short cycle

A normal cycle is 28 days in length. One speaks of a short cycle if it does not last longer than 20 days. Often times this occurs in women over 35 who are experiencing a hormonal surge. However, frequent bleeding, especially in older women, can also indicate polyps, reports “women’s health”.

The period is missing

Especially in times of exceptionally high stress it can happen that you miss your period. If this is painless, there is no need to worry and you can just wait for your menstrual period to start. However, if this happens more frequently, you should definitely clarify the possible causes with your doctor. Reasons for a missing menstrual period can be hormonal disorders, pregnancy, but also inflammation or disorders.

It is important that you do not wait too long to see a doctor if you have period problems. If the same complaints keep recurring, it is time to find the reason for the problem and a solution.

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