Where to buy Christmas decorations on March 25

Where to buy Christmas decorations on March 25

I know are you already thinking about decorating the house for the Christmas just like me, it’s time to visit the best decoration stores for your home. And there is no better place than 25 March Street from São Paulo to find everything you are looking for!
Despite 25 collecting gigantic queues at this time of year, the options for ornaments and decorations are practically endless. If you are not from São Paulo, all of these stores sell online and deliver to all of Brazil. So, check out these tips that I have separated for you. After all, the holidays are coming festas

Christmas decorations

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Right when you arrive at 25th March, Niazi Chohfi stands out by far for its unusual mixture of a bakery with a textile shop. For most of the year, they sell products like fabrics, curtains and rugs. There is no lack of variety there!
And not Christmas, the store is even more colorful and comes to life with red props for the whole house. The options are diverse and sophisticated, perfect for you to create a wonderful table on supper day and decorate the room with the items you like best.
Address: Rua 25 de Março, 702 – Historic Center of São Paulo


At this time of year, the famous artificial flowers by Lily Decorações transform the place into an incredible opportunity for those looking for a lot variety christmas. Decorative flowers are successful all year round due to the large number of models and colors and also due to the quality and durability of the material.
There you will find many candles, vases, themed jars for Christmas. All of this is also available at online store of them and you can choose the items that best match your home.
Address: 25 de Março Street, 594 – Historic Center of São Paulo


Matsumoto is one of the best known stores there and interestingly it doesn’t stay in 25 March Street! That’s right, stay two blocks from 25 and it’s super easy to find. If you are looking for a Christmas tree, Matsumoto is the perfect place for that! There are so many options for Christmas decorations, one more beautiful than the other.
see the Santa Claus is successful in your home, there you will find different types and sizes of the character. The store has been traditional since 1928 and, although it has changed its address and increased in size, it is still known today for its large quantity of products. There are more than 30,000 options divided into 3 branches by São Paulo. It is worth knowing at any time of the year!
Address: Rua Barão de Duprat, 39 – Historic Center of São Paulo


At Rei do Armarinho, you enter and think “I never thought there could be so much variation of the same product”. They are known for the bed, bath and table area, but their great specialization is the sewing threads of various colors and models.
No Christmas, the selection of products is also incredible. The large amount of marbles and everything you can imagine to hang on tree impress those who pass by. Something I found really cool is the diversity of Christmas lighting, the famous ones lights of all possible models.
Address: Rua Cavalheiro Basílio Jafet, 99 – Historic Center of São Paulo


This super traditional store of the Vaz Martins family is very close to the previous tip. They have several products imported from high quality and at this time of Christmas, among them many dolls and charming items from decoration.
It is a great option for those who are looking for a very cute way to decorate the house pro Christmas. The care with the pieces is highly valued by them and, therefore, the store is so prestigious for those who love these. items from quality.
Address: Rua Cavalheiro Basílio Jafet, 54 – Historic Center of São Paulo
And you are looking forward to the Christmas and want to choose the best decorations to your house? Soon a video will be released on the tour channel on 25, keep an eye ?

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